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Which Martian Political Party are you?

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It’s 2100, and humans fleeing Earth have colonized Mars. It’s now time to set up a government under the 1st Martian Assembly, so you must decide which party to vote for, or your voice will not be heard…

  • 1
    What should we do about corporations that are overconsuming Martian resources?
  • 2
    What should the attitude towards gay marriage be?
  • 3
    How should we address the gender pay gap between male and female workers?

  • 4
    How should we address free trade with other systems?
  • 5
    We still have yet to address healthcare
  • 6
    Terrorists from the Taurus Gamma—I system have carried out attacks against our colony. Should we fight back?

  • 7
    What should we do about gun ownership?
  • 8
    Final issue: What/Who should the executive be?
  • 9
    What do you describe yourself as? (No effect on score)
  • 10
    This was my first quiz, how was it?

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