How American are you?
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How American are you?

This test is designed to determine how much of an American you truly are. Questions will range from basic information on American foreign policy to things as simple as your demeanor when traveling abroad. Good luck!

Question 1:The United States did which of the following when one of it’s spy planes crashed in China?
Pretended as though nothing happened and prayed the Chinese didn’t notice the large plane falling out of the sky.
Bombed the hell out of Beijing- they’ve deserved it for a long time this just gave the Americans an excuse.
Used the State department to negotiate the release of the plane and the crew.
Threatened a nuclear blitzkrieg if the plane and crew were not returned immediately.
What are you talking about? Americans have never 'spied' on the Chinese?

Question 2:How many members are there in the House of Representatives?
Duh! We have a senate not a house!

Question 3:Hypothetical Question: You are lost on the streets of Paris and you cant speak a word of French what do you do
Buy a map and sit in a café while you study it trying to determine you whereabouts.
Lost in Paris? Only a foolish American whom failed to fully prepare for their trip could get lost in Paris!
Wander around the city- eventually you have to see that tall tower thing and you can navigate yourself from there.
Stop a native and politely ask them in English if they speak English.

Question 4:What is NATO?
NATO- Nuclear Attack Tactical Operation. This is the law that tells us what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization- It is an alliance that the United States is part of.
NATO- Brittany is plugging adds for them, they are kind of like NACHO’s but they have, like, 0 Calories so you don’t have to, like, stick your finger down your throat after eating them. Like.
NATO- Not Another Terrorist Organization. President Bush set this up after September 11th.

Question 5:The Academy Awards are:
Worth watching. I can’t wait to see what the Academy picks as best picture next year.
A waste of time- like all American pop culture.
Worth watching- for no other reason than to see what everyone is wearing.
Worth Reading about in the paper. I enjoy some movies but I am sure as hell not going to waste an evening watching some people I have never met thank their plastic surgeons for their halogen lips.

Question 6:Name the three parts of the Deterrent Triad-
Bombers, Subs and Land Based Missiles
Executive, Legislative and Judicial
Germany, France and Britain

Question 7:Which Country is often referred to as America’s best friend?
The Russian Federation
The United Kingdom

Question 8:How many Presidents have there been?

Question 9:Why was the United States defeated in Vietnam?
The Americans suffered more casualties then they inflicted.
It was a government conspiracy to thin out the population and fuel the economy.
What are you talking about? We won in Vietnam!
The home front evaporated because the vast majority of the population was ignorant of the true dynamics of the war.

Question 10:Who is the greatest political thinker?
Carl Marx
T.H. Green
Thomas Hobbes

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