Which Kind of Christian Are You?

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Are you a cold, lukewarm, or hot Christian? If you are not a Christian, you may take this quiz for fun anyway. You might learn something new. ;)

  • 1
    This morning you wake up at 8 am. Your Bible is on the nightstand. How often do you read it, and what condition is it in?
  • 2
    You are sitting in the doctor's office. You have a cold. A person sitting next to you notices your shirt, which says, "Jesus is Lord." He asks you if you truly believe that. What do you say?
  • 3
    The same guy asks you more about Jesus. How do you react?

  • 4
    You are in another country. A civilian tells you that if you do not renounce Jesus, you will be killed. Now what?
  • 5
    Back home again, you come across crude pictures. They are in your path, beckoning you to look at them. There is a trash can a few yards down the block. What do you do?
  • 6
    How often do you worship God or go to church?

  • 7
    Do your family and friends know you are a Christian, and how do they feel about it?
  • 8
    How often do you pray?
  • 9
    What do you think about Jesus's blood?
  • 10
    You are around a group of non-Christians. They have been teasing and tormenting you. Why?

  • 11
    Speaking of Harry Potter ... is it OK for a Christian to read it?
  • 12
    Nathan claims to love Jesus, but he is committing adultery. Does he truly love Jesus, or is he a liar?
  • 13
    Cathy is a friend of Nathan. She goes to church as often as she can, but sometimes, she cannot make it. Those times, she spends time seeking the Lord herself. She reads her Bible, and prays continuously. When she sins, she repents, and asks for His help to stop that sin. She also tells others to live in a holy manner. What do you think of her?
  • 14
    Are you going to Heaven?
  • 15
    Are you going to Hell?

Comments (15)


217 days ago
Please take the following in the spirit of constructive criticism & brotherly admonishment that it is: this test was cringe. Christian culture in America really needs some self-awareness.

I thought it would ask me about where I stood on doctrinal issues, like Calvinism vs Arminianism or Prima Scriptura vs Sola Scriptura, & from then advise me to a denomination that fit me best.

Question #5 is where you lost me. The obviously "correct" answer is "I stomp on it, then I run to the trash can and throw it away. I don't take even a peep at the disgusting pictures."

There's no option to simply throw it away without the childish stomping & virtue-signaling.
811 days ago
i believe in jesus and if he asks me to go to church and worship him or worship him on a zoom call i will do it and im hot because i live in jesus
818 days ago
Wow, well those answers were very specific. I think I only got Hot Because practically all the lukewarm ones were “I can sin and then ask for forgiveness and then sin” (which sounds pretty cold to me) or “I don’t believe/don’t care”. there are definitely in betweens. Like the the denouncing one, the “"I believe in Jesus, and I am willing and ready to DIE for Him!"” is not the first reaction that would come to mind. I’d be like “so help me Jesus” And bc like ok this is actually happening. And the one we’re its like are you going to heaven “I definitely do not live in sin” sounds arrogant, because we all sin, but not picking that one adds more to lukewarm and cold, and all bc I’ll admit I’m not perfect. 🤷‍♀️ Just a thought lol, no one said probably gonna see this 😂
888 days ago
This is my Christian club. Come and join!!!!ill try to help you on anything I can. ☺

888 days ago
Dont judge so!!!!!
I dont know why you say so. It is a good quiz. I know harry potter dont has to do with being Christian. That is the only thing that in not supporting.
But all the things about the answered and sort of are not true.
890 days ago
Bad test, none of the answers ever considered people who struggle heavily with sin but wish they didn’t.
Also, seriously? Harry Potter? Don’t make judgements based on little information, you hardly know a thing about it.

The answers to these questions are too specific when everyone has completely different situations.
974 days ago
I mean I knew I was a lukewarm Christian long before I took this test, but like other people are saying, this test is way too one dimensional.
979 days ago
I am cold I am Christian but get embarrassed about it sorry I had to say that god.
1256 days ago
Harry Potter does not determine whether or not you are a Christian. I have known atheists and Christians alike who love it.
Also, the resurrection story in HP is a direct parallel to the Christ story. It’s not a mistake that the train station is called King’s Cross Station. J. K. Rowling wrote it to communicate biblical truths to everyone who doesn’t know the Bible.
1266 days ago
These questions are terrible. Most, if not all of them are in desperate need of a fourth (or even fifth) option and are way too specific. Most of my answers were just half or a single part of one of the possible answers, with the rest of the answer being far removed from my beliefs, and the other answers being even worse.
1339 days ago
this is ridiculous the options were all the same and some of them don’t have to do with Christian faith...
1361 days ago
harry potter? what does that have to do with Christianity?
1745 days ago
I'm Christian and this was ridiculous. Like. The options and the wording were ridiculous.
2058 days ago
im 100% cold lol i only 12
2492 days ago
May I suggest adding more options for atheists?