Atheist, Satanist, or Christian?

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Find out if Lucifer is your buddy, God is your friend, or if you have no religion.

  • 1
    How often do you pray?
  • 2
    What is your symbol?
  • 3
    How nice are you on a daily basis?

  • 4
    What color clothes do you often wear?
  • 5
    What would you do if someone was dying?
  • 6
    Bob is a potato. Bob is your buddy. You are very hungry.

  • 7
    Choose one!
  • 8
    Your best friend has killed your wife.
  • 9
    A drug-dealer walks up to you, and wants to sell you some K2.
  • 10
    How much do you like life?

Comments (23)


448 days ago
why the hell is this so sterotypical?? Like- Ive seen so many satanists be kinder than yer average christian. Satanism and luciferism isnt about hate and 👮, It's deadass one of the more kind and peaceful religions out there. They don't bother people and shouldn't even be hated on. Unlike christians at one point who wanted to stone people for getting abortions and 👮, and actual satanist groups stopped that 👮. so please do research before actually 👮 around and telling sterotypical lies.
590 days ago
satanist are not evil, if you read the bible, you guys will understand. Read these rules please.

-When you meet other people, show them respect, or else don't meet them.
-If someone bothers you, treat them cruelly and mercilessly.
-When you find yourself in neutral territory, do not bother anyone. If someone is bothering you, tell them to stop. If it continues, destroy it

Hail Satan. Lucifer bless us.
651 days ago
Iteeeeee I c how it is u pessimistic coward I see youuuuuu xD
770 days ago
How is it that me a colorful loving hufflepuff Satanist fk gets Christian as result ?? That I'm not punk and that I don't hate everyone doesn't mean I don't love the sight of my enemy's blood
811 days ago
i bring a message from lord satan, worship or die
1138 days ago
*cough cough* how exactly is it gay? People need to stop using gay as an insult, its offensive, homophobic, and just downright rude
1197 days ago
Lmao!!! I love this!!! The answers are great.
1247 days ago
this is so stereotypical I mean there is mean Christians and good satanist and atheist doesn’t just mean I’m in the middle you should do more research
1278 days ago
lmao this is hilarious i hope its satire
1282 days ago
Oh no, where should I start?

A christian isn't automatically kind, just because he/she is a christian. Also a christian doesn't automatically love life and wear colourful clothes just because he/she is a christian.

An atheist also can be very strong-hearted, kind and love life.

A satanist also can be kind and very strong-hearted. A satanist usually loves life, because he/she does what he/she wants to do and doesn't renounce the good things in life (like most strongly religious people do).

Also very important:

Satanists don't automatically kill people because they are satanists, also many christians kill and have killed people.

Make sure that what you think is true is so before you publish a quiz.
1283 days ago
It's ironic tho:it says that I'm atheist and I'm emo😂
1362 days ago
This is the most stereotypical quiz I have ever seen.
1363 days ago
I’m a satanist, I will kill u now!
1411 days ago
My dad said that satanism is for weirdos, it kinda hurt cuz, even tho I’m catholic (forced, but not worried about it), I always thought it would be cool to be a satanist and all that, but it’ll never happen.
1434 days ago
this is an ignorant quiz
1529 days ago
We don’t even believe in souls... We don’t want to kill people, we don’t hate life, and we’re not pessimistic. Only edgy teens will get “Satanist” as their final answer. Please do more research.
1668 days ago
Please don't assume a Satanist is someone who wants to kill everyone and worships Satan. Do some research. All you're doing is making yourself look like ignorant.
1698 days ago
How can a potato be your buddy?
1698 days ago
1698 days ago
I feared good things because they were the christian answer.Many extreme christians are rude.But normal ones are kinda kind.HOLY ATHEISM!