Which Egyptian Goddess Are You?
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Which Egyptian Goddess Are You?

Addicted to Ancient Egypt? Fascinated with myth or archaeology? Look good in a sheath dress, kohl, and beaded collar? Whatever you choose, find out what Ancient Egyptian Goddess you are.

Question 1:You look up at a starry night sky one lovely summer evening, what are you thinking?
Why don't I have a constellation? Stupid mortal astronomers...
How pretty, I should write a poem, or kiss someone under it.
*reads the positions of the stars for current horoscope.*
I am the sky.
I hope my friends are enjoying this.

Question 2:Which animal do you like most?

Question 3:A guy comments you on your body, how do you react?
Yep, I know.
uhh...thanks, I'll bear that in mind if I'm ever destined to go out with you.
Piss off, asshole!
*kiss guy.*
Sorry, can't hear you... jerk.

Question 4:You and your friends go to a waterpark together, what do you want to do first?
I'm going to climb to the top of the highest divingboard.
I'll be poolside checking out the guys.
Thrash through some waves at the wavepool.
I'm going to the waterslide.
GAH! WATER! Nuuuuuuu!

Question 5:After that, the five of you go to see a movie, what do you want to see?
War movie!
Fantasy or Sci-fi.

Question 6:At the theater you get hungry, what are you craving?
Chocolate anything.
Ice cream.
Alcohol and meeeeaaaatt! Fresh meat!
Lighter than air cotton candy.
Chai tea.

Question 7:When you get home, you decide to read a bit before bed, what are you reading?
The Mists of Avalon.
Dave Barry Slept Here.
The Joy of Sex.
The Hitch-hiker's Guide Series.
The Art of War.

Question 8:You shut off the lamp on your nightstand, what else is on it.
A nice smelling candle.
A deck of tarot cards, or a few books.
A knife.
Pictures of my various boyfriends.
My journal.

Question 9:Ah, you wake up nice and refreshed! Its a school morning, so you go to choose your clothes for the day. What are you wearing?
A sultry see-through shirt with cleavage, tight jeans, and impossible shoes.
An airy paisley blouse with comfy jeans and tennis shoes.
A bright colored tank with high-heeled shoes, capris, and my favorite necklace.
Boots, jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt with a symbol or picture on it.
A pair of flared jeans, sandals, a dark tanktop, a duster sweater, and several pieces of jewelry.

Question 10:Your first class is your favorite, what is it?
PE, haha, wrestling day!
World history.
The class with that hot guy that sits in front of me, oh yeah, math.
Home Economics.

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