Which Greek goddess are you?
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Which Greek goddess are you?

Have you ever wondered which Greek goddess you most resemble? Me neither, but it's fun anyway.

Question 1:What would you do if you found out that your husband/boyfriend was cheating on you?
Turn his other girl into a deer and hunt her down---literally.
Shrug it off, you've cheated on him too many times to count.
Dump him. No man is worth being lied to.
Turn his lover into the cow that she is and then laugh at her.

Question 2:What bird would you rather own?
A peacock.
A hawk.
A dove.
An owl.

Question 3:Would you ever cheat on your husband/boyfriend?
Oh yeah! I've done it lots of times, but only because my husband/boyfriend is extremely ugly.
Only to spite him because he's done it to me.
No. Guys in general are too self centered to bother with at all.
No. Chastity is a much more important trait than chastity.

Question 4:What is your relationship with your father?
He keeps a long-distance relationship, but treats me pretty well.
He hated me.
He was more concerned with work and never bothered with me.
He is a very loving father and we are very close.

Question 5:Which describes you better?
Power hungry, but a good leader.
beautiful, yet slightly arrogant.
Strong feminist and tom-boyish.
intelligent and willing to fight for what I believe in.

Question 6:What do you spend most of your time doing?
Running and playing outside.
Reading or studying for class.
Bossing my friends around and laughing at others' mistakes.
Flirting or calling one or another of my boyfriends.

Question 7:What was your favorite thing to do when you were young?
Climbing trees or building forts.
Playing house.
Playing King, or rather Queen of the Mountain so I could show how much better I was than the other kids.
Playing Cowboys and Indians or just fighting with my buddies.

Question 8:What are your favorite flowers?
Sunflowers- they tower above all the rest
Wildflowers- they are so carefree and unrestricted
Pansies- they are so beautiful and delicate
Roses- they are so pretty and yet so dangerous. They won't let anyone touch them without getting hurt.

Question 9:What was your favorite class in school?
Chemistry- We didn't do anything in the class so my friends and I would braid each other's hair.
I have to pick? I liked them all!
History- I just loved reading about those past queens and dreaming about my future reign.
P.E.- I loved to compete with and outrun the boys.

Question 10:What kind of movies are your favorite?
Movies don't compare to any book, but if I had to choose, war documentaries.
Romance movies of any kind because they are so beautiful and touching.
King Arthur movies that always mention a beautiful (and desired) queen.
Lord of the Rings because of the positive light put on archers.

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