Which Greek Goddess Are You?
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Which Greek Goddess Are You?

Find out which of the Olympian goddesses you most resemble.

Question 1:   How would you rather spend your time?
Playing sports.
Having sex or shopping.
Spending time with loved ones or overseeing a project.
Learning or making things.

Question 2:   What is your current relationship status?
I don't really have any interest in relationships.
I'm deeply in love, or single and looking.
I'm in a rocky relationship.
I have a boyfriend/husband who is my intellectual equal.

Question 3:   What is most important to you in your life?
Living in the moment, having fun.
Friends and family.
The pursuit of knowledge, self improvement.

Question 4:   Which of these qualities describe your ideal man?
Faithful, loyal and attentive.
I don't have an ideal man.
Handsome, witty and romantic.
Intelligent, strong, independent and open-minded.

Question 5:   Which of these is your preferred animal?
Owl or snake.
Dog or deer.
Swan or tiger.
Cat or peacock.

Question 6:   Which of these jobs would you prefer to have?
Hunter or athlete.
Teacher, soldier or craftsperson.
Actress or prostitute.
Queen or homemaker.

Question 7:   Which of these games would you rather play?
Something requiring strategy (like Risk or chess).
Any outdoor sport.
Spin the bottle.
Something requiring knowledge (like Trivial Pursuit).

Question 8:   Which of these famous women do you admire most?
Marilyn Monroe.
Queen Elizabeth I.
Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Anna Kournikova.

Question 9:   What's your favourite kind of movie?
Drama or farce.
Action or thriller.
Sports or comedy.
Romantic comedy.

Question 10:   What would you rather be the goddess of?
Hunting and the moon.
Wisdom and Crafts.
Love and Beauty.

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