Which Of These Greek Gods & Goddesses Are You Most Like?

Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Zeus - there are so many Greek gods and goddesses, from A to Z! If you're as obsessed as we are - or are just curious - you should totally take this quiz and find out which one of these choices you're most like! Sorry that space was limited and we couldn't include more of them.

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    Which of these would be the best way to spend your birthday with friends?

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108 days ago
For 70% you are: So which god or goddess are you? You are most like Artemis, goddess of the wild. You love being outdoors with nature, and feel the need to protect it. You also have good archery skills and are kind to mostly everyone, especially to animals.undefined
123 days ago
Got Athena, quite accurate.
218 days ago
yay i got zeus, now i can be a dictator and eletricute some people and rein havoc yasss
231 days ago
Woah how did I get Athena
232 days ago
i got zeus lol
232 days ago
weird I got artemis
239 days ago
YAY I got Aphrodite and Athena!!!!!
245 days ago
I'm confused I gout 40% Athena and 40% Poisedon they are rivals
257 days ago
Hold up... Did you just call my religion mythology.... 😻! I am mad now you sould not say that when there are hellinist in this world!
279 days ago
I got Athena and Aphrodite yahoo!!!
282 days ago
This app is great for me
283 days ago
I got Poseidon which makes since because all I do is swim.()
287 days ago
I got Athena which makes sense because I'm known by my smarts, and I took like 20 different quizzes and about 17 of them said Athena!
301 days ago
Oh and right now I am in school gotta go
301 days ago
Yay, I got Zeus. I love electricity. Woohoo.
303 days ago
What the heck now I'm Aphrodite?
303 days ago
Poseidon? Ok, go Percy Jackson, but I HATE swimming. I got Athena on a different one, which makes no sense because they are like mortal enemies. I'm nothing like Poseidon unless you count bossy friends and family like Zeus
315 days ago
Artemis. Whaaaat?! I’m nothing like her unless you count the strange brother
322 days ago
For 90% you are: So which god or goddess are you? You are most like Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. You're very pretty, and always know your fashion trends. You also like matchmaking and figuring out "who goes with whom." If you come to school wearing a new fashion, the next day, everyone else is wearing the same thing! Annoying, isn't it? (If it helps, they say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.")

uhhh okay? I DID have like 9 boys cushing on meh !
322 days ago