Which Of These Greek Gods & Goddesses Are You Most Like?

Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Zeus - there are so many Greek gods and goddesses, from A to Z! If you're as obsessed as we are - or are just curious - you should totally take this quiz and find out which one of these choices you're most like! Sorry that space was limited and we couldn't include more of them.

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    Which of these would be the best way to spend your birthday with friends?

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1116 days ago
got poseidon 100 for the 4th time
1120 days ago
I got 50 percent Athena goddess of wisdom and you take your studies very seriously. Seriously? No this quiz is wrong, I wonder about the of 50 percent
1124 days ago
I got 30% Artemis and nothing else
1126 days ago
I got 80% Athena, Which I think was because I like to read.
1126 days ago
I got Athena, which I think was pretty good though.
1130 days ago
I got Zeus.I have and never will stick a baby in my thigh
1143 days ago
I got Poseidon, which makes since because I love the beach amd swimming
1144 days ago
yo yo ima sam and ima gonna take this place for myself cause you don't mess with me cause ima most like athena and zeus so stay away
1154 days ago
I'm 90% Aphrodite, but i am a boy!
And 10% Apollo
1256 days ago
I am 80 percent Poseidon and 20 percent Zeus. never thought that would happen though i am with Poseidon.
1275 days ago
There is no Persephone and Hades what about Hermes , Zeus , Ares ,Demeter ....?
It's more like "for people who like Percy Jackson" . Nothing against that book , I do like it . But come on people other Greek gods do exist .
1296 days ago
1315 days ago
70% athena that makes sense for me
1367 days ago
i got artemis (insert smiley face here) totally me. but i am also kind of athena
1397 days ago
i am 50% athena and 50% poseidon.
1399 days ago
did anyone get hermes
1416 days ago
Yeah booy I'm poseiden I will rule the sea
1433 days ago
I love blue
1447 days ago
SO TRUE!!!!!!!t
1452 days ago
30% Athena!! I'm the mom of my favorite girl in PJO!! I'm just wondering what is the other 70%?