Which God are you?

Have you ever wondered how you would be like if you were a god? See which God you are and find out what you are the god of. ?!?!?

Question 1:What would you rather watch?
Boxing matches and violent movies.
The sky and the clouds.
Romantic movies.
Yourself in a mirror.
The sea and the underwater world.

Question 2:What's your favorite color among the following?

Question 3:What is your wish?
Be the prettiest and most popular in the world.
To live underwater with the fish.
Make everybody really miserable and unhappy.
World wide piece and happiness.
To find your sole mate and live happily ever after together.

Question 4:What is your favorite animal?
A catfish.
A bunny(not rabbit).
A blood thirsty monster.
A mighty horse.
The most beautiful lion.

Question 5:What would be the ideal gift on your birthday?
A mirror that will never brake.
An aquarium.
A heart shaped frame.
A bicycle.

Question 6:How much do you like Mice?
A whole lot.
You like all living things but, mice the least.
No feelings toward mice.
A little bit.
Not a bit. I only like me!

Question 7:How many best friends do you have?
Too self centered to have any friends.

Question 8:How would you best describe your friends?
Sweet and trustworthy.
Mean to me.
Don't have any.
Loyal and helpful.
Very nice and friendly.

Question 9:How would you describe yourself?
Powerful, strong, and good hearted.
A leader and unique.
Perfect, unique, beautiful, brilliant, and absolutely the very BEST!!
Dark, special, and violent.
Loving and bright.

Question 10:What is the most important of the following to you?
Death and hated.
Love and relationships.
The unique underwater life.
Power and strength.

This Quiz has been designed by *CoNfUzEd*.