Are you going to heaven?

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Have you ever wondered if you are going to go to heaven? Take this quiz to see if you will 'meet your maker.'

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    Do you believe in God?

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652 days ago
(I'm a minor in case you're wondering)

I love God. I really do, with my full heart, mind, conciousness and everything I own and am. But I am anxious. I could die straight away, I wouldn't mind, my real fear is that God hates me/doesn't like me for who I unfortunately am. I haven't committed a crime (well I stole food from my brother and stepped on a bug by accident), I would never kill anybody and I wouldn't drink, take drugs, vape or smoke, I attend church anytime I have the opportunity to and effectively help the priest to service (I couldn't go bc of covid), I am really faithful, pray every evening if I dont fall asleep and I started to read the bible just for fun, but I, again unfortunately, am queer. Anytime I hear someone calling slurs like "This boy's gay, he'll go to hell" or "This girl is a lesbian, she'll for sure burn in hell", I believe that God hates me. All homophobic people I met made me like really hating and punishing myself.
He probably does, Jesus too, but I can't really do anything about it and can't help but painfully facing hell.
Thank you, God, for everything you've done for me.
881 days ago
I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1076 days ago
Hi to everyone,
First of all,
You're not going to hell unless you commited murder. God loves you no matter your sexuality, thoughts, ideas, gender, preferences, even if you don't believe in him she still loves you for who you are! He thinks he's special, he loves you with all my heart, and you deserve the love you want if you think you're kind. 💖
1100 days ago
At this point I don't even care if I go to hell.
1130 days ago
Im lesbian and am scared...i dont want to burn in Hell for liking a certain gender! Please no hate on me!!! I already hate myself...i dont want to be hurt even more but is anybody able to help me? (BTW JESES IS MY BOI AND I LUV HIM WITH EVERY LITTLE BIT OF MY HEART!!!)
1483 days ago
All I know is I don't do things for god, but I do things for me.
1500 days ago
I believe in a more powerful force whether that’s nature or god or the yin and the yang (dou) etc. i respect atheists and cathlics and Islam sientologists etc. however i do not respect hate And sadly some religions are based on hate. We need to be kind to each other and the earth. So hell or no hell hevan or no hevan we should embrace different cultures and beliefs and nature and then I personally believe you will find quote unquote salvation
So lets just be kind
1696 days ago
I love god but I don't go to church church is fake alot of fake Christians go there I pray I love God with all of my heart sometimes I say bad stuff about God but he forgives me I cured because I said bad stuff to God he forgave me I said sorry I worship him now I been guy's when you sin God u have ask God forgiveness if not then you go to hell love God he loves everybody God talks you just need to stop thinking he will tallk to you he talked to me alot of just need to have faith I have faith God made it snow on my sister's birthday he had Faith you need to have faith my sis was sick when she was a baby she almost died my mom and dad had Faith and me it was a blessing she didn't die thank God we named her faith because it was a blessing God saved her this quiz was ok I guess
1766 days ago
That is kind of harsh Americans like me go to church to worship God
1999 days ago
No my Mom and Dad made me exist.Silly foolish christian!Church is waste of land.I HATE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!Atheists will go to heaven!Christians go to hell!!!!!