Which Religion is Best for Me?🛐

Which religion is right for me? This is an important question. Based on your answers to these 10 questions, I'll tell you which major world religion aligns with you best. Not telling you that you should practice this religion or any other one, but if you'd like to look into to it, this will be a good place to start.

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    You feel most closely aligned with the people in _________.
    You feel most closely aligned with the people in _________.

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104 days ago
Hi folks! For everyone upset about their results, please remember this is a 10 question quiz made by literally just some person. It's luckily not that serious! I mean the first question asks if you resonate more with minorities, asian people, middle eastern people or europe - literally what does that mean.

Just a fun lil quiz, but ultimately you can choose you own religion :)
157 days ago
i got christianity and im a christian
648 days ago
I got Bahai'i but I'm Jewish soooooo
651 days ago
The Taliban will ban music in Afghanistan and require women to travel with a male chaperone, despite claims the group will be more liberal than the brutal regime of 20 years ago.

The Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said women will be permitted to work and go to school under the new Islamic Emirate, still taking shape after the militants swept into Kabul almost two weeks ago. Speaking to The New York Times, he insisted that women must wear the hijab and be 🚔ed by a man on longer trips. He also said that music would be banned, dismissing it as un-Islamic.
663 days ago
I got Bahai’i and this in no way makes sense to me (no offense to anyone who is) because I said Europe not Middle East when asked the question in this test. Funny, 😄 funny!
Oh well, I’m a little disappointed I was hoping for something like Thelema, Luciferian, Illuminati but you kind of have to be born into some of those, so
No religion for me.
But I do believe in honoring your family and not shaming them; kinda like Muslims do which is a very good thing. I have a half sister who I never speak of who never wanted to be in the family and shames us on the regular even though we’ve been good to her. IF we had been Muslim she would have had to shape up or not live to tell the tale. She shouldn’t be on this green earth.
Most Muslims have respect for family and religion does play a role in it.
698 days ago
You should be a Muslim. Muslims are primarily peaceful and highly moral people. They are committed to their religious beliefs, and praise is the most central of their concepts. There are several variations in how Muslims worship, and how they interpret the Quran. One will suit you well.

Aww thx I’m a muslim :)

but, just a reminder: Don't depend on a simple test which is supposed to tell which religion suits you best, because this isn't merely a simple decision and it shouldn't be taken lightly. I'd recommend reading the holy books from the religion if you want to find out which religion is the 'true' one. Since I'm a muslim, I'd recommend that you download the app: 'Ayat: Al Quran القرآن الكريم' and listen to a someone reciting the quran, it's beautiful! If you do so, I'd be reeeaaaaallly happy, thx!! ^v^ cya!
723 days ago
For those saying "I am Christian, but I got Jewish" or the other way around, please remember that Judaism and Christianity are actually quite similar.
825 days ago
It said I'm a Christian but I'm a Buddhist
841 days ago
60% Bahai'i and I'm pretty much an atheist :p
841 days ago
It said I should be muslim but I am a Christian, so inaccurate lol
865 days ago
I am not associated with any religions but I got Buddhism. Buddha and his teachings always resonated with me.
877 days ago
I am hal Buddhist and Half Hinduism and I got 50 percent Buddhist, I am quite happy with the results but looking at comments I feel like it was a coinsidence....
914 days ago
*laughs in UU atheist*
924 days ago
I am jewish and it said that I should be christian! this quiz is so lying!
944 days ago
I don't understand, it said I'm Buddhist, but I'm Christian. Can someone please tell me why?
974 days ago
it said i should be muslim but innjewish
1128 days ago
It said exactly what my religion is. I'm a Muslim and it said that I'm a 30% Muslim. Interesting results I've got
1173 days ago
40% Muslim or 40% Bahai'i
1224 days ago
btw it said Muslim and Idk my beliefs exactly lol
1598 days ago
My answer is really close to my religion :)
It said that I was Christian.
My religion is based off the Christian beliefs but we do some things differently and learn different things. (I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints btw.)