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Are you a good student? Quiz

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Are you a dedicated student? Find out with this quiz!

  • 1
    When do you do homework?
  • 2
    A huge test is coming up. You hear there will be a big snow storm on the day of the test. (It's Friday, your test is on Monday, the day of the snow storm) When will you study?
  • 3
    So you flunked the math test, you totally bombed it, I mean if there was an F- you would have it. The teacher tells you that you can do some extra credit to bring that F to an A. You have 2 days, the Extra credit is to watch a 2 hour long math DVD do an 8 paragraph essay on it along with a powerpoint and a visual. You...

  • 4
    You are sitting next to the smartest kind in the world and you are stuck on a science question, you are just barely able to see his paper you...
  • 5
    You did it you got an A. The teacher asks you to confirm your grade. He writes it down. Then you notice you have the wrong test you...
  • 6
    On your last test you studied.

  • 7
    You and your friend have a project together he/she is really smart...you let him/her do
  • 8
    You find out that you have an old school textbook from last year you...
  • 9
    You got this new gift car to Target. The only day your mom can bring you is the day of a test, (you have a dentist appointment that day) you...
  • 10
    You accidentally get an answer sheet with your English homework you...

Comments (39)


1732 days ago
I’m sorry, not to call people out like this or anything, but if you’re going g to create a quiz on being a GOOD STUDENT, please at least make the effort to get SOME of the questions grammatically correct!! 😭
1831 days ago
Wow you are the IDEAL student! If I were a teacher you would be my pet!
1850 days ago
Average, idk I’m a stupid one
1865 days ago
Wow! You’re an ideal student! If I was your teacher, you would be my pet!
1868 days ago
wow it said im a good student but to be honest i think i lied on almost half the quiz XD
1869 days ago
I’m a teachers bet you rock I’m the class pet no wonder why your the best your classmates must me amurtures
1870 days ago
Am an average student... this quiz have nothing to do in real life.
1885 days ago
It said I’m a good student
1891 days ago
it says average but i don't know about AVERAGE.
1952 days ago
You really need to work on your grammar and spelling. I mean if I were to give you this quiz, you would not pass.
1993 days ago
wow i m a good student
1997 days ago
average student.
2011 days ago
I’m a ideal student. My teacher hates my guts.
2026 days ago
Wow...I'm really not a good student!
2031 days ago
I’m a ideal student. Doesn’t sound right. I’m a trouble maker. I got 17 detentions in 2 months. Ha ha.
2195 days ago
the ironic thing is that words such as " throw" wrong. ( they spelled it as " though")
2248 days ago
Wow you are the IDEAL student! If I were a teacher you would be my pet!
2260 days ago
I really like this quiz! It's really fun!
2710 days ago