~*Grade Predictor~*
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~*Grade Predictor~*

Hi! This test that you are about to take will remarkably tell you if you get good grades!

Question 1:Do you pay attention in class?

Question 2:Estimate your test-grade average.
90%+=A- or higher

Question 3:How many F's(on an average) do you get on your grade reports?
1 or 2
3 or 4
5 or 6 (Straight F's)

Question 4:Do you get straight A's?
No-But close to it

Question 5:Have you turned in ALL of your assignments for EACH class so far this year?
Are you crazy? Not even close!
No-But close to all of them

Question 6:Do you believe that grades are important in life?
Yes-Very, very important
Yes-A little

Question 7:What would your teacher(s) describe you as?
A perfect little angel that always turns in their work, and never disrupts the class.
A pretty godd kid that can get off task a little sometimes.
A problem child that is always getting sent-out and never turns in their work.

Question 8:How many of your teachers do you really, really DETEST?
All of them
Most of them, except one or two
Half of them
None of them

Question 9:Would you say that you got good grades on your previous report card?
Pretty good (A couple of A's, a few C's, maybe a B)

Question 10:Do you save your report cards?
Of course
One or two of them

Question 11:Have you ever received an award that recognizes your grade achievements?
One or two a year or two ago

Question 12:Do you think your parents would be proud to boast about your grades?
Of course
No way
Every now-and-then

Question 13:Could you recite what grade you got in every subject right now, without even looking?
Yes-Let's see, I got an....
Maybe a couple

Question 14:Would you rather grow up being rich and famous without a good education? Or be a regular person with good achievements?
Rich and famous
Education comes first
A little of both

Question 15:Would you be embarrassed if I put your grades up on a big screen for the whole world to see?
Yes-I would turn beet-red
Not at all, in fact I would enjoy it
A little, but mostly not

Question 16:When do you do your homework?
I come home, watch a tiny bit of T.V., have a snack/drink, listen to a song or two, then do my homework.
I go outside, watch all of my fave T.V. shows, eat dinner, then, at the last minute, do my homework.
I do my homework RIGHT AWAY!

Question 17:If you had to grade yourself on how often you do and turn in your homework, what would the grade be?
A+++++=I turn it in all the time
B=I turn it in usually
C=I turn it in half of the time
D or below=I hardly ever turn it in

Question 18:If you never had to go to school again, would you take the offer?

Question 19:Do you cheat on your tests?
It is very, very rare, but yes, every once-in-a-blue-moon as a last resort
No, never ever ever
Yes, regularly

Question 20:Do you think this test will determine if you get good grades?
Maybe, I'll have to see it first

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