Which learning style are you?
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Which learning style are you?

Complete this quiz and identify your learning style. However, do note that there is no one learning style that really fits your character. Everyone is a combination of two or more of the four psychological types mentioned, although one of the four learning styles may be more dominant than the other learning types. It is important to learn how to utilize the other characteristics that you posses from other learning styles to your benefit.

Frage 1:Do you like:
Doing things according to your wishes?
Having a fixed set of instructions to follow?
Working in big groups?
Trying out new ideas all the time?

Frage 2:Do you feel stressed when:
You cannot meet the deadline?
You do not how and where to start your work?
You feel your hard work is not recognized?
You have you have no control of the situation?

Frage 3:Do you feel good when:
You have the chance to analyze?
You are in a familiar situation?
People make good remarks about you?
You are given simple instructions instead of rules?

Frage 4:How would you see yourself?
As one who needs an answer to every question
As a perfectionist
As one who cannot make a firm decision
As one who works alone

Frage 5:Are you always:
Keeping things to yourself?
Asking for clear explanations on how to do something?
Affected when people around you are upset?
Stubborn when it comes to having your way?

Frage 6:When you do something well, would you prefer:
No obvious gift
A practical reward
A word of praise
Credit for doing the right thing

Frage 7:You like to mix with people who are:
Willing to listen to what you wish to voice out
Willing to listen to what you wish to voice out
Giving you comments about your actions
Humorous and funny

Frage 8:Do you:
Handle sticky situations calmly?
Only help the person you think is right?
Try to please both parties in a disagreement?
Stay out of arguments you can do nothing about?

Frage 9:Do you:
Like to study for the sake of gaining knowledge?
Dislike studying?
Like to study novel and ingenious topics?
Have an aversion to learning from books and lengthy text?

Frage 10:When you study,
a) Does it evoke thoughts that read deeper into what you can see on the surface?
Do you feel it is boring and a waste of time?
Do you find reading through old materials a drag?
Feel restless after sitting for some time reading a book?

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