Why Does My Teacher Hate Me? Quiz

It's so depressing when your teacher tells you off for something small like helping a friend. Trust me! I've been in this situation, and it really can get you down. But does she or he really hate you - or just find you annoying sometimes? We can ALL be irritating at times! Anyway, find out here.

  • 1
    Does he/she give you the "Evil Eye"?
  • 2
    How often do you get a detention or a white slip from him/her?
  • 3
    Are you late to school often?

  • 4
    Do you hand in your homework early?
  • 5
    Do you distract people in class?
    Do you distract people in class?
  • 6
    During your teacher's long, boring history lecture, your friends around you are flicking around your eraser while you are (for once!) taking notes. Your teacher only looks up when you take it away from them and put it away. He/she makes you stand up for the rest of the lesson. (Trust me! This has happened to me!: P)

  • 7
    Has your teacher ever caught you ONCE doing something you shouldn't, and from then on, jumped to conclusions that you are the troublemaker in your seating arrangement?
  • 8
    Do you ever switch off in class completely?
  • 9
    Does he/she dislike you, or do you dislike them?
  • 10
    Do you ever log onto Google to find out ways to annoy your teacher?

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29 days ago
Nvm the way this website censored my comment just made my day
aka suffers from mood swings
29 days ago
And my anger towards her distracted me from my chemistry homework aka creating a video which I have to turn in in a few hours and I only have 7 minutes left to use my devices and I’m so 🐬ing mad rn as you’ve probably already noticed :))
29 days ago
So my super duper nice teacher who by the way flirts with male students asked in our class group chat abt who the class presidents and vice presidents are (we have two presidents and two vice presidents idk why also why doesn’t she know she’s like my homeroom teacher but nvm) and yeah someone answered and said that we didn‘t have any vice presidents so I told her the names of the vice presidents and guess what her response was? “Thanks, I don’t need that 😊” way to go and ruin my mood also I’m definitely holding a grudge against her now :)))
And my friend had the nerve of telling me that miss totally favorite teacher didn’t mean any harm by it. Yeah sorry but that incredibly unnecessary comment from the teacher kinda hurt my feelings sorry for being such a crybaby
Thanks for reading my hate/anger speech and sorry for not using punctuation marks properly
242 days ago
I. Hate. My. Teacher!

-"Ugh!!! Thanks to China, covid exists!" - Mrs. Bee
(like- I'm chinese!!)

-"Kelly is a meterstick!" - Mrs. Bee
(i'm kelly. even tho i'm 4'7 wut did i ever do to her?)

-"Ehhh...I don't like the grade you got on this ungraded homework assignment so you gotta redo it, plus I'm give give you an extra assignment" -Mrs. Bee
(lol i wanted to thank her because i liked the student limelight, but like-)

-*uses the word "stinky" for bad and "golden" for good*
Example: Samantha, that's stinky! Ohhh Ryan soooo golden!!
(she is kinda the reason I'd never to to school without deodorant)

-"Oh so you got bullied on field day?" *does nothing*
(i feel sooo bad for that kid! his life is torture!)
264 days ago
my teacher is so anoying sometimes well i have bean in alot of compsaytions and my teacer
562 days ago
So in fifth grade I had this super mean teacher. We'll call her Ms. H. Literally during the first week of school we were going over our Problem of the day, Mrs. H was a math teacher BTW, and people kept getting the answer wrong, so I thought I would share the answer I got. So I told Mrs. H my answer and it was wrong and she literally started yelling at me, and like I said this was like the first week of school so I was thinking to myself, "What did I ever do to you?!?" I'm an eighth grader now and I still hate her to this day.
729 days ago
oh and also shes a fat one too in the morning she orders 5 bacon egg and cheeses and 2 2 liters of schewpses soda and drinks it like a pig in front of us she has no good side only a bad one she does favorites and treats everyone like her baby ( not like i would want her greasy hands on me) but the list of complaints can go on and on
729 days ago
my teacher hates me so much becuase she is holding me back simply because she simply "dislikes me" and she sent me to the principle because her computer was messed up
735 days ago
A teacher's pet for me... I just like to look at everyone's comments. I have this teacher and she is nice!!!! She has been scolding people, but mostly the WHOLE CLASS!!!
847 days ago
Also this a story because why not! So today I was in class not talking at all lunch comes she has to stay with us for safety she set an alarm for when we have to go to the playground ( me having a louder voice then others ) when the alarm went of she wanted to leave my chat with my friends and be quite straight away ! The with this if I did what she wanted sooo.. then I finished my chat she gave a 15 min to stay currently that all my lunch ( ruffly)
Due to COVID and I couldn’t look at her in the eye because I would burst in to tears my mind trying to block this out and that pig said are you even listen at this point I have forgotten what she said ! This meant five more mins and I accidentally made eye contact with her I tryed to keep my tears in I did until she left then I walk out and went to my friends where they told me Lot of poeple where also talking I told my mother when I was in true panic because I just wrote my test out I now she now is going to mark my done for sure I’ll update you!
847 days ago
Darling you commented many times of the same thing just changing your name !
996 days ago
@Animal, I don't know why we have the same number, that's weird! 🤔🤔Thank you for your kind wishes. My family are out of debt now. I never told my parents about what happened, I just told them I didn't want to have lunch!
996 days ago
Why does my name and Flowers and Baileys have the same number? I have no idea who they are... No offence
996 days ago
@Bailey, that's really bad but....

@Animal, not just the teacher, but the kids in her class. They shouldn't have said those things right in front of her!

Bailey, I hope you feel better now and your family is in a better financial state now
996 days ago
Oh my gosh, @Bailey! That's terrible. I hope she got fired! What did your parents say?!
996 days ago
My teacher last year was sooooo mean. I used to bring in shreddies for lunch becuase that was all we could afford. That was OK until people started taking them off me. I didn't really mind, but it got bad when one girl gave out to us for sharing the same lunch, even though they just stole. Then they got mad at her and started putting my Shreddies in her pencil case, and things like that. One day, after this happening for around 2 weeks, someone put one in her gluestick and crushed it in. Then she told the teacher, and she said I did it. Then my teacher pointed it out in front of the whole class that it was me who did it, and I could her everyone whispering 'eeww, that's disgusting' and 'she's horrible'. Then my teacher made me clean out the girls pencil case,lets call the girl Kira from now on. So Kira started looking in her pencil case to find more and she found a sandwich crust, and she told our teacher. Then our teacher gave out to me again,and she told me I couldn't bring lunch to school for a month becuase it was causing all this trouble. So I was starving by the time this ended. But that wasn't all. Our teacher said I couldn't bring any cereal in. My family couldn't afford anything else, so I was starving for the rest of the academic year. This lowered my self-esteem a lot.

Sorry for this being long, I just wanted to share my story. My teacher is lovely this year.
1010 days ago
they love me
soooo not true
1090 days ago
Once i was taking a small break and she told me in the loudest voice EVER 'That is NOT what were doing.' and when i came out to the whole class as pan, she gave me the evil eye and has started to pick on me.
1164 days ago
So this one time. ONE TIME. I whispered something to my friend for HELP. Now every time she assumes I'm talking even though she sees my mouth is closed. She then got mad at me for stomping my feet and would ignore me, She legit HATES ME. and would do anything to get me in trouble
1192 days ago
One time my friends were talking in class behind me and i turned around to ask for a eraser and the teacher called me out and said "jose stop talking to them" in a really loud and angry voice. I told him i was asking for something and i wasn't talking. Out of nowhere he just completely snapped and said " it was you i saw it with my own eyes, I know it was you because you have the biggest head in the classroom and It's hard to miss" (my head is a lil big but it was mostly hair) I have never been more humiliated in my life.