What is your point of view towards school?

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What is your point of view towards school? Do you:
Love school
Like school
Halfway like school
Hate school

Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Do you like your teachers?
  • 2
    When your alarm clock goes off on a school morning, what do you do?
  • 3
    Do you do your homework?

  • 4
    Do you make good grades?
  • 5
    I your book bag organized?
  • 6
    What do you do during a boring class?

  • 7
    Do you eat lunch at school?
  • 8
    What's your favorite part of school?
  • 9
    Do you skip class?
  • 10
    Will you visit www.aboutsho.webs.com?

Comments (14)


319 days ago
Welp, why would I like school?

-Only one close friend, who goes to a different school
-Served lunch is 😻py, and there is a table of people against me
-There are some mean students and teachers

Lol idk if I'm overreacting but I'm kinda panicking cuz I showed my attitude during the wrong time in front of almost 30 people

I have school tomorrow :'))
558 days ago
school isn't bad for me, I get good grades, I'm friendly, for almost half my classes I'm pretty sure I am the teachers favorite! But... the kids there are so stupid. All they want to talk about is... (I'd rather not say.) SO MUCH DRAMA!!! There was this one girl who I overheard, she has the locker next to me, she said, "We can have matching nails!"


I mean, Oh my gosh! Who cares about that?

Even for guys there is drama! There were these two boys, and the other didn't know that he was dating a girl, so he also asked her out, and she said no. He liked this girl forever, and now the two boys are worst enemies. I can see that being more reasonable then nail polish, but still, we're in middle school! You're too YOUNG TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND ANYWAYS!

Otherwise school is cool. With my friends who have the same personality as me! Man we're weird...
760 days ago
815 days ago
SO TRUE!!!!! I don’t like school but am expected to get good grades and behave well
1068 days ago
There is no such website lol XDwelluh
1336 days ago
I can feel your pain! I have the same problems! Luckily my teacher doesn’t let us play dodge ball that often. We‘re playing zombie ball instead. But actually that game is even worse!
1336 days ago
So um...I don’t like school you say? No offense but I actually die of happiness when school begins. It’s the best part of my day! Although I am an pretty average student...I’m going crazy because school is starting on August 12 and it’s July 31!!!! I hate holidays and can’t wait for them to finally be over! And this quiz says that I don’t really like school! You can tell that anybody but not ME sorry XD
1624 days ago
i started middle school 6 weeks ago. my dad nearly died today becuz of it. i slept in my mums bed becuz of school life. my dad was really annoyed so when she came downstairs at 6:00am they all shoued my mum was so mad so as my dad left at 8 (the shop opens) to buy my lunch, she traped his hand it the door.. my dad has only ever cried tiers of joy from when i was born. his hand got caugt and his nail was hanging of and he WAS CRYING 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE''' he yelled. i was still in the bed, hopings they would leave and forget about me so i couldn't go to school. i heard him screaming wilst running to the bathroom sink. i thought it was my brother, so i came down. i saw him, head in sink, crying. i saw his hand. boy it was the bloodiest thing me, a9 yr old, has seen. my mum ran up with a tea towel. i ran upstairs and hugged my dog. 'CALL THE FREAKING HOSPITAL' someone said. he just came back, said 'i s🍦ed my bone of my middle and 4 finger. 'weres the tea towel?' my mum asked. 'grandma is washing it at here place, it is covered in blood.' 'what did you do' i asked, trying to be innocent., looking at his white, casted hand wih bloodmarks in it. 'oh i um i....... was going outside and the wind shut the door on me.'

this happened 3h ago.... well, at least i got a day of school, eh.............

1639 days ago
School is like kids prison basically the school decides when you do what and makes everyone do the same thing like we’re all cloned. And then when u finally go home u have to do homework which by the way is the worst part of school cuz it’s all ready boring enough
1663 days ago
Test: For 70% you are: You don’t really like school

Me: Finally :V
*1 minute later*
Me: Ummm what
Test: ...
Me: :P
1668 days ago
I rlly hate school and not to mention the fact dat we have to pick teams it’s soooo freaking stuipid since dat depends on popularity and I’m a just a third wheel my so called friend only comes to me when she’s lonely in facts she never does I ALWAYS go to here so just yesterday I decided to text her in Snapchat

I’m just curious but are we still friends or anything?
(((( 2 sec later))))
Her: yes xx
((((10 sec later))))
Me: cool

Id think she was being honest

Oh and all the tests I take says I need new friends (((true dat)))
1706 days ago
School is so boring and tiring, they need to cut short the hours, it literally waists 6-7 hours of our lives, can't we be home-skl !!?
1738 days ago
I have school tomorrow. Kill me
1741 days ago
I love school I just hate gym class. I hate when we pick teams because it’s just a popularity contest. And I’m not popular. There is a way could miss gym in 7th grade but my mom says physical education is important. Well not to me. I hate playing dodgeball and we play that often. It’s because if the ball hits you it really hurts.