Middle school friendship test

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This test is for middle school girls who want to see how friendly they are towards other females. Please leave a comment!

  • 1
    A new kid (female) comes to school, and she starts standing by herself awkwardly on the playground. You are with your group of friends. What do you do?
  • 2
    During the first passing period, she asks where homeroom is. What do you say?
  • 3
    During science class, your teacher asks you two to work together on a lab. She seems confused about the topic, and is on the verge of crying. What do you do?

  • 4
    In P.E, you are a team captain. There are two people left, an unathletic fat kid and her. It is your turn, who do you pick?
  • 5
    You both just finished up in the bathroom. You start washing your hands, and when you look up at her in the mirror, you catch her eye, but she immediately looks back down. 2 seconds later, her eyes flit back up. What do you do?
  • 6
    She comes up to you at lunch and asks to sit down with you and your friends. She is staring intently at you, waiting for an answer. What do you do?

  • 7
    After the final bell rings, she jogs up to you and says hi, I'm Annie, by the way. She slips you her phone number, then starts to walk away. What do you do?
  • 8
    She calls you at 7:00 and asks if she can come over and stay the night, once you give her your address. Your mom says its up to you. What do you say?
  • 9
    She comes over and you lead her into your room, no matter what you just answered. She starts complimenting everything about it, then plops down on the bed and asks if you want to watch a movie. What do you say?
  • 10
    The next day at school, your friends say that they heard you and the new kid were friends. What do you say?

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330 days ago
hey hey hey hey hey hey
338 days ago
Yeah, so I just gotta say that I wrote the first 4 comments to get people to start commenting. Had to get that out. Please comment! Did you like it? Want more, higher quality quizes? Feel free to email me btw...:)
345 days ago
You are the friendliest of friends, but maybe a little bit too trusting and welcoming. All of your current friends are lucky to have you. (SO TRUE)
345 days ago
“a little too trusting and welcoming”

I kinda feel attacked
346 days ago
Why would this girl even talk to me she seems unrealistic
346 days ago
I would never be friends with the girl this person described.
346 days ago
Not the best, but not the worst either. Pretty good.
346 days ago
Loved it so much! I have re-done it like 3 times. :)
346 days ago
Amazing quiz! Loved the questions, they were all very realistic.