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Are you the teacher’s pet? Are you the problem child? Are you the goody two-shoes? Or are you the class clown? You're guaranteed to be one of these four! Which one are you? Take the quiz and find out

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749 days ago
i am teachers pet and goody two shoes
1036 days ago
This was actually extremely accurate. I couldn't explain my self better.
1427 days ago
Yay I'm the goody two shoes!!
1530 days ago
If you don't want to comment on the quiz but you read this one please please please help spread the word on these quizzes! Also i have two other published quizzes you should all check out!

1532 days ago
thank you so much for liking this quiz!!!
1533 days ago
i am 40% teachers pet,40% class clown,20% goody two-shoes,0% problem child.

1534 days ago
Amazing quiz!!!😍😍 I have to admit I am a teacher’s pet and the description describes me perfectly!!👍🏻👍🏻✌🏽🦄💗🌹
1534 days ago
I guess im a problem child, nothing new there.
1536 days ago
Btw on question 11 you typed in dod not do