What Kind of Student Are You?
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What Kind of Student Are You?

Are you a hard worker, or are you a lazy bum........? Find out now!

Question 1:What is your favorite class out of the following?
Gym class is a great exercise! :D
English/Reading. It's a good review...
Academics! Even though it's not a class...
Mathematics... I love a challenge.
Uhh... LUNCH!

Question 2:What do you do when you get home from school?
I go to my room, watch TV, talk on the phone, and finally do my homework at 7 or 8 at night.
Immediately do my homework, and study for an extra hour or so.
Wait for about a half an hour and then start on my homework... then I watch TV!
I sit down in my room, at my desk, and I study my head off until bedtime.
I play games and stuff... and then I go to bed.

Question 3:What are your grade averages?
On DDR, I always get A's and B's!... oh, you mean school? Uhh...
A's and B's always. :)
Uhm....... it depends on how focused I am that semester.
I get straight A's. *grin* ^__^
It varies.. normally B's.

Question 4:What's your motto?
Your dog at your homework? What a pitiful excuse.. my horse ate mine!
...Uhh, what's a motto?
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and... awake.
I might not pay much attention, but.... *point* OH LOOK! A BUTTERFLY!! *gaze*
All work and no play made Jack an intelligent young man!

Question 5:Your favorite song?
"Magic Stick"............. *evil grin* >D
Dr. M... a.k.a. Mozart 40 techno style. :P
Mozart 40... the original version.
Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent".
Mozart 40, the cell phone version. ^_^

Question 6:What's your favorite method of studying?
Wherever I can study at..... not many places, not enough time, etc.
Wherever I find suitable that day with background noises.
All of these answers sound perverted!! >D Me and my sick mind... *evil chuckle*
Door closed, on a desk, plenty of light, no noise.
In an open room, on a desk or table, and some soft noises.

Question 7:What color scheme is your room in?
Does it matter?
Soft colors.. nothing too vivid. Example: periwinkle, pastel yellow.
....Normal colors? Example: Brown, white, beige, gray.
Pretty colors! Example: Pink, purple, sky blue, yellow.
Dark colors... Example: Navy blue, dark purple, black, forest green.

Question 8:What kind of video games to you play?
I don't play video games. I'm too busy studying...
Stuff that requires brains... like Jeopardy...
RPGs are strategic and fun. ^__^
Any kind of games! I'M A FREAKIN' GAMER!!!!! m/ ^_^ m/
Dance simulation games are the bomb!... lol.

Question 9:How would you begin a newspaper article or an editorial about banning electronics at school?
"Electronics are necessary for a good school..."
"No, because we need electronics to learn."
"Have you ever imagined a world without calculators or computers?"
I dunno. I gotta think first.
"I believe that banning electronics at schools is a bad idea..."

Question 10:What's your favorite DDR song? And if you don't play it, what do you think would be your favorite?
Dream A Dream... nice combo of pop-ish and rap. :D
Healing Vision.. it has a soothing melody...
Higher... it's not too fast, and it has a good beat. ^_^
Afronova Primeval.. whatever those words mean. :
Butterfly, of course! It sounds so cool! And I love the lyrics.

Question 11:What would/do you wear to school?
Whatever I'm in the mood to wear that day.. it varies.
A pullover vest and a button-up shirt, with some jeans and shoes.
Baggy pants that sag to my thighs and a way-too-big t-shirt.
If I could, I would wear a schoolgirl/boy outfit.. those are extremely comfy and they show intelligence.
A t-shirt with a catchy phrase on it, some jeans/shorts, and tennis shoes.

Question 12:What do flowers mean to you?
I CAN BREATHE!!!!... what? My mom told me that plants provide oxygen...
....*stomp*..... *eat*..... :3
There are many varieties of flowers.
They give me inspirations about how to live and function, and they are a great starter for some good poems.
They're really pretty, and I love to observe them.

Question 13:What's your favorite commercial?
The commercials for television shows... they're filled with so much information and they tell me stuff so I know when I want to watch a certain show.
The one with the bird whistling "Turkey March"..... :3~
The one for the cell phone or something and it's all anime and WOO!!
I love the back-to-school commercials... so many interesting things, and they give me ideas on what to buy for school.
*drip drip* "You borrowed my pen...." *glare*

Question 14:What is a variable.
"Size may vary."
It changes.... like an experiment or something..
Something that is able to change.... it can be used in science and mathematics...
I think of math. We just went over that today! :D
Um.... *thinks*

Question 15:Last but not least.... do you like school?
Of course I do! It just get boring sometimes...
I love all of my classes, and I have lots of friends. ^_^
Eh.. I like lunch.. XD
It's alright.. not the best..... -_-;
Yes, it's a very good way to earn my education. Very informational and interesting...

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