What type of student are you?
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What type of student are you?

Do you always get your homework in on time or do you always give it in on the last day before you get detention? Are you one of the best behaved in class or the class clown? Find out what type of student you are!

Question 1:   You have the weekend to do a very difficult piece of Art homework. When do you do it?
I rush it in the lesson or just before the lesson!
I do it Saturday, so I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend!
On the night I get it, I'm a perfectionist!
Saturday night or Sunday morning, so I don't have to do anything on the last day of the weekend.
The night before I have to give it in, that way I can't get in trouble.

Question 2:   In School, you get a note saying 'Hi' from someone in class. What do you do?
Write to them about how you don't like sending notes in class.
Send a note back too and start having a conversation with notes.
Have a conversation but if a secret is on a note pass it around!
Report it to the teacher, this can't be accepted!
Don't even do your work because you're sending notes so much!

Question 3:   You get a C for a test. What do you think?
Very disappointing, I really should do better, this is worrying.
Not worried at all but know that it's average.
A bit worrying but I'm not too upset.
I don't CARE!
That's not very good! I should get an A. This ISN'T fair, it's been fixed!

Question 4:   You hear that someone has been spreading a nasty rumour about you in school. What do you do?
Make an even nastier rumour about them and spread it around!
Report them to the teacher straight away!
Ask them to stop. If they don't, tell a teacher.
Don't tell a teacher, just solve the problem yourself.
Ask them to stop and then tell the teacher as a last resort.

Question 5:   One of your teachers tells your parents that you really must do better in your work. What do you think?
Well, I thought I was doing my best. I guess I was wrong.
I may not have been doing my best but it was only one teacher's opinion.
Why would I care? I've never even attempted to do well in my schoolwork!
Hey, I'm doing my best here! Are you saying my best is awful? You're saying I'm stupid?
A bit upsetting but I have tried my best.

Question 6:   In class, your normal teacher isn't in and an awful teacher who can't tell anyone off because she's too scared of hurting anyone's feelings. What do you do?
I'm a tiny bit more chattier but I still try and work hard.
I do take advantage but not too much.
I take the most advantage that I can to really annoy the teacher!
I don't take advantage of the teacher. In fact, I work even harder!
Don't change at all. After all, it's still a teacher.

Question 7:   What do you predict that your behaviour report would say?
'Good behaviour and tried hard when it came to schoolwork and homework.'
'Awful behaviour, very rude. Didn't try to work hard when it came to work or homework.'
'Not perfect but behaved quite well and usually tried hard.'
'The best student I've ever had. Brilliant, amazing and soon to be a school legend.'
'A wonderful student to teach. He/she was helpful and tried his/her best.'

Question 8:   Your friends are going to pretend they're sick to go to a concert. They ask you if you want to come. What do you say?
After much begging, you say 'Yes.'
'I'm really tempted but can't.'
'I don't want to miss school for no reason, no.'
'No way and I'm going to tell a teacher that you're skipping!'
It's not a change as you skip often, you say 'Of course!'

Question 9:   The teacher says that tomorrow you'll have an important English test. How much do you study?
I study for a short time.
I study for a moderate amount of time.
I don't care about the test so I don't study!
I study all night!
I study for quite a long time.

Question 10:   What would you rate your behaviour score?
Very good, about 9 or maybe 10.
Average, 6
0,1, it would be very low!
Wonderful, 10!
Quite good, 7.

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