What Type Of Middle Schooler Are You?

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There are plenty of types of middle schoolers out there - which one are you?

  • 1
    Typically, the first day of school is chaos! What can you be seen doing before the bell rings for first period?
  • 2
    Uh oh! Timmy has two left feet, and he fell in the hall once again! What do you do?
  • 3
    Mrs. Annoystrict drops a huge test on you, and it's worth half your grade! What do you do?

  • 4
    Lunch today is G R O S S! Looks like a cross between mustard and a knit scarf. What do you do?
  • 5
    You're given a bit of free time in one of your favorite classes. What would you like to do?
  • 6
    There's a school dance! What are you most excited for?

  • 7
    What type of book do you usually get at the library?
  • 8
    There's a fire alarm! What is your first thought?
  • 9
    What annoys you the most in middle school?
  • 10
    Summer is starting soon! What will you miss and what will you not?

Comments (28)


28 days ago
30% nerd makes sense for me.
I am glad im a nerd though, i dont know what i would do with my life if i got any of the other choices...
30 days ago
misleidy lucky i wish i was you i wish i could date popular boys and be friends with everyone
135 days ago
i got popular girl, im definetly friends with everyone except for 2 people who think there better than every one but yes, im pretty, ig, i did date some popular boys who where super cute so yea----defitnetly right
201 days ago
I got 50% nerd, which makes sense. I wonder what the other 50% was made up of... anyways, I'm surprised a lot of you got "popular" girl. I've never been fond of the pick-me girly girls, mostly because every popular girl I've been friends with has either talked behind my back, and/or has chosen some šŸ’— boy over me. It's okay though, I'd rather be smart than be popular. Popularity won't get you a job, intelligence will.
214 days ago
I got popular girl, and everyone wants to be with me and I am invited to every thing. I do have a lot of friends and they like me but, I Definitely not popular, and to be honest I have never been willingly invited to something, even by my own friends. šŸ˜”
219 days ago
I got popular girl... Okay I have a lot of friends and all so i'm happy with what I got!
275 days ago
but actually i think im a nerd. a big nerd. so i dont think my score is right! but anyways its a really nice test!!:)
275 days ago
my spelling is bad sometimes lmau
275 days ago
i just got 'the popular girl'. just....no! you serious right now? i mean... No matter where i go in school there are people who always run up to me and are talking to me. they say 'im coll or funny' and stuff like that. BUT ts called 'having friends' not 'being popular'. DUH!
288 days ago
Im a jock YAY( the only thing is im a bit girly)
289 days ago
aparently im "The Follower" or smthn. Ngl that fits
294 days ago
I'm "that kid".
Idk what that means, but I think I'm more of a quiet kid ngl
304 days ago
i guess i am popular between by friends but the real popular girls swear and act like they are sixteen yet we are only in grade five
325 days ago
They said u was poplure how can I be poplure if no omnein my school knows me and I know that because I went on tiktok to one of the less known poplire girls rik too and commented and she said oh I don't know you you probably don't go to our school and then she went and asked her friends and they all said they didn't know me and and that just kept happening
361 days ago
Lol Iā€™m not popular
508 days ago
I am a jock true šŸ†šŸ…šŸ…šŸ…šŸ†šŸ† šŸ€šŸ€
513 days ago
Nerd and Follower
513 days ago
668 days ago
i am popular,lol it's true but i don't like it
694 days ago
am a follower like always