What Kind of Student Are You?

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    Do you ever forget your pencil? (cause I know I do ;w; )

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53 days ago
I am a student trying hard to answer my assignment ..but I forgot to bring it school, sometimes I forgot my pen, papers and notebook, And I am a quiet person.
58 days ago
I think I'm a guy who don't like noiser and callous talk in others . Because all I want is to fucose my attention to my subjects and to my instructor far what they teach all about 😌😌 I like to be cool guy I choose to be silent than to talk with nonsense 😌😌😌
148 days ago
I got Shy Girl? Eh, it's probably SOMEWHAT true. I am not too popular. But I have LOTS of FRIENDS (not any cool kids, though, but they're NICE!).
152 days ago
This was not true at all!! I am def not shy! I am the one that throws all the parties and talks non stop! I constantly make friends and i do almost all the sports for the school. LMAO lame
176 days ago
welp im shy apparently
226 days ago
how am i the shy girl lol i guess i'm a mix of a lot of things. classclown+introvert+musicalgirl
230 days ago
Igor popular girl?nice💅🏻
235 days ago
Or I’m the Hiiii girl that what I was as a Freshman. of Highschool. Or it’s cause I like soft girl? Idk . This is a good Quiz
235 days ago
Not true, At all- I got the Shy person when I’m the one who’s threw parties, Talks a lot, And I’m known for being Social and Loving CLIPS and having over then 10 friends but I think this was a really fun quiz UwU anddddddddddd maybe I did something wrong .It could be beacause I ge really good grades or Inwould be friends with a A shy person if I see them in the hallway and they look lonley or sad I would say hi and have a conversation with them. Me looking in the other comments: Um, Did everyone get the shy person?
245 days ago
I got the shy person which is true because I have friends here and there but it not a bad thing am I right most people have friends like that
250 days ago
hmm... well, i got the shy person... ??? i have almost 10 friends. still, the answers were cool.
you might just need to specify the answer.
268 days ago
I don’t really pull pranks in my class. Sometimes I make people laugh, but not all the time. I’m more of the higher-level kid in my class...
345 days ago
Yo I got shy closed off which is absolutely wrong I'm the loudest most outgoing person ever and always talking in class so this test is so wrong nice questions tho
359 days ago
i got shy which is wrong I am usually talking in class lol but i still do well so i guess thats why.... whatever its wrong but nice quiz
406 days ago
Cool quiz! 💚 I got ‘shy student’, which isn’t quite correct because, while I am a bit of a loner, I actually have a lot of friends but I just prefer to work by myself. I’m not in school anymore but when I was that would have been my character 😊