Are you a Mallrat?

Do you live at the mall or jut visit? How well do you know your mall? Find out!

Question 1:A typical day at the mall involves....
Stealing stuff
Hanging out
Some light shopping
Everything I live for

Question 2:A customer approaches you and asks where a store is, you...
Point in the direction of the store
Walk them to the store and tell them everything about every employee, item and fact about the store
Steal their purse/wallet
Shrug and say 'Got me'

Question 3:Can you, in your head, describe where the ATM machine is?
Yes, I know exactly where Herbert the ATM is
In my truck
I don't know

Question 4:Sum your mall knowledge in one word.

Question 5:The mall is closed, you...
Are really upset
Go rob the 7-11 instead
Shrug your shoulders and leave

Question 6:Can you state the exact times of your mall?
I think so...
The rise and the set of the sun in my life!!
Uh... I just steal stuff...
Got me

Question 7:A mall employee sees you enter the mall, heshe...
Runs for reinforcements
Does nothing
Greets you by your full name

Question 8:Which one of these phrases describes your mall experience
In and Out
Hanging out
It is the East and I am the Sun!
In like a lamb, out in handcuffs

Question 9:If you were locked in the mall by yourself, you would...
Try to steal everything until you realize that you were locked in
Get pissed off
Think 'Cool'
Fall on your knees and thank god

Question 10:Someone says something bad about the mall, you...
Shrug you shoulders
Get pissed and mutter to yourself as you walk off
Tell the security guards he stole something to provide a distraction
Kill him and crucify him as an example

This Quiz has been designed by Ben.