What sort of Beach-Babe are you?
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What sort of Beach-Babe are you?

Summer has begun and before you know it, it'll be time to enjoy your holidays and hit the beach to catch some rays and waves. Take this quiz to find out what sort of beach-babe you are.

Question 1:What type of swimming gear do you wear at the beach?
Sporty one-piece with a hat, cool sunglasses and sand shoes so you can walk or play volleyball if the opportunity arises
A hot little bikini that screams: "Look at me, look at me -- I've been at the gym all winter long waiting for this moment
A sarong and singlet. You haven't had the guts to actually buy a swimsuit yet and even if you did, it would probably take another five years to gather the courage to wear it

Question 2:What sort of beach do you prefer to go on a hot summer's day?
The most popular, of course. You want to catch up with all your mates and have a chance to strut your stuff to the talent.
Somewhere quiet and crowd-free where you can commune with nature and read a good book
Anywhere the surf is -- that's what the beach is for!

Question 3:When it comes to tanning, what is your philosophy?
Start early and you won't have to shame yourself with glaring white limbs. Brown is the way to go at all costs and the best way to do that is to get out there and BAKE!
"Tan? Oh, do you mean cancer?" I hear you ask. You are not into killing yourself if given a choice and lather high protection block on every square inch of your body when you're exposed to the sun.
You're the first to admit that you like to look tanned but don't want to risk melanomas -- so anything out of a bottle will do.

Question 4:What is in your beach bag?
High protection sun block., cover-up clothes and a hat, a bottle of water and some sandwiches.
Sexy cut-off jeans, a slinky halter top, a radio, soft drink and a cushion so you can prop yourself up o your elbows and catch all the action passing your way
An extra towel, wax for your board, a volleyball set and a few energy drinks

Question 5:What do you consider the prime position on the beach to be?
Right between the flags -- and right next to the lifeguard's stand!
The quiet end of the beach so you have plenty of space and tranquility
In the water mucking around, working up a sweat somewhere so you can go for a swim

Question 6:If a gorgeous guy approached you and asked if you wanted to go for a swim, what would you do?
Panic at the thought of having your flesh exposed at such a babe and flatly refuse, hoping he'll leave you alone.
Leap to your feet and scream over your shoulder you'll race him as you pound your way through the sand down to the surf
Smile seductively and ask him to tell you how warm the water is before you'll go anywhere.

Question 7:What sort of sanck food would you indulge in while at the beach?
Whatever the nearest takeaway has -- maybe a burger and fries or a hot dog.
Probably a salad sandwich or nothing at all --- you don't want a pot belly ruining the line of your swimsuit.
Anything that's fast and that will fill you up quickly.

Question 8:If you were to take a book to the beach, what genre would it be?
Romance! You want to be in the right frame of mind in case Mr Right comes along.
Probably a self-help book -- what a better way to spend your peaceful time than learning how to make your life better?
An action adventure novel cause most of the other books bore you to tears

Question 9:If there was a bikini contest on the beach, what would you do?
Encourage your best friend to enter but never consider it yourself in a million years. Why purposely humiliate yourself publicly?
Scoff at the bimbos wasting their time showing off their butts. You've got better things to doing than waste your time with outdated garbage like beauty contests.
Race to the toilets, fix your hair, re-apply your makeup and get set to wow those boys.

Question 10:If you saw someone in trouble in the surf, what would you do?
Sit up so you can get a better view of the lifeguard who will save them.
Don't waste any time in going after them -- your life saving skills are up-to-date and maybe you can get there faster than the guards
Run to the nearest lifeguard, screaming and yelling that someone's in trouble

This Quiz has been designed by Katrina.