Are you a band geek?
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Are you a band geek?

Have you been in band just way too long? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:Let's start with the basics......When someone yells out "band geek" in the middle of the hall, do you actually turn around assuming they are calling you?
I'm usually the one calling people that....
It has happened on occasion.
You mean they can actually call me something else?

Question 2:Let's say you were standing in the middle of the street with your instrument and you suddenly fell over and broke your arm. Your reaction is:
OMG! Take me to the hospital!
Whoa.....what hell? I in the hospital or in the band room?
Ahhh! My arm hurts a lot but I sure hope my instrument isn't broken.
OMG! (you reach for your instrument) Are you okay! OMG my baby!

Question 3:You know those ugly outfits we wear for marching band.....? Well.....
Yeah! Damn straight they suck.....eeeeeeww....
Uhmm....yeah I could live without them.
Ehhh.....they aren't too bad....but I should definitely redo them.
I actually like them.....don't tell anyone but I wear the hat around the house.....

Question 4:Are you on a nick-name basis with your band director?
He/she doesn't even know my name.
Not really, but he/she might shorten it sometimes.
Yeah....I don't even remember what my real name is anymore...

Question 5:Are most of your close friends:
In sports and people I meet around the place.
Some in musical areas, mostly sports and whatnot.
Mostly in the band, some in the orchestra.
In the band....and we join the pit orchestra together, and the concert orchestra, and the jazz band....need I say more?

Question 6:What does your family usually get you for the holidays?
Money, clothes, music.
The usual, a few cleaning things for my instrument.....maybe not.
Some sheet music and whatever else was on my list. Maybe a tuner....
Things for my instrument.... maybe a shirt and cd with Bach or Mozart on it.

Question 7:Can you hear the rest of the band/orchestra in your head while practicing?
Happened once.
Only sometimes...when certain parts come.
Yes! It's amazing and it helps me practice too.

Question 8:How many hours a day do you practice your instrument?
none....oh wait doesn't band count?
Only at my private lesson.
About a half hour to an hour.
More than two hours.

Question 9:Do you find it irritating when people who are "band illiterate" pretend to play an air band instrument and hold it the wrong way?
Not at the least.
Not really...its their choice.
Yeah....kind of...they should learn.
Hell yes!!! I always need to correct them or I lose sleep!

Question 10:Finally, what chair are you?
I didn't go to tryouts / last chair.
The back row....
Third or fourth.
First or second.

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