Are you a GEEK?
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Are you a GEEK?

There are many GEEKS around in the world. Find out if you are one.

Question 1:What OS is on your computer?
OS? Is that anything like OZ?
Windows 9x / ME / XP Home
Windows 2000 / XP Pro
Linux / Free BSD / Unix / etc...
OS? I wrote my own in machine code!

Question 2:When looking for an alarm clock, do you...
... Look for one that's cheap?
... Look for one with two different time zones?
... Look for one with the little picture of the world on it?
... Look for one that syncs with the US Naval Observatory for the most accurate time possible?
... Require that it be a working atomic clock?

Question 3:How many more screen names / email address do you have than sex partners?
What? I've got more partners than the s/n's and emails put together!
1 or 2 more
3 to 10 more
10 or more
Uhh... Any number is bigger than zero!

Question 4:Do you actually know what goes on when you type in an URL?
What's an URL?
I'm on the board that developed the way it works!

Question 5:Your living space has enough spare computer parts to build how many computers?
2 - 3
Any more than 3

Question 6:Your cell phone needs...
Pretty faceplates!
Text messaging!
An IR port to use as a modem for your PDA
PalmOS 5

Question 7:You think PDA means...
People making nookie in public
A palm-pilot-kinda-thingy
Personal Digital Assistant

Question 8:Ever use an alternate shell (LiteStep, etc.)?
I read about it online, and it looked too hard.
I use LiteStep, and stick to the pre-made themes.
I use LiteStep with my own themes.
I programmed my own shell to my exacting requirements.

Question 9:Which programming language do you prefer?
Four-letter words.
C / C++
Language? Bah!! I do it in binary!

Question 10:When you talk about your 'baby', you refer to...
Your child.
Your loved one.
Your hot-rodded car
Your computer.
The AI you created that lives on your computer.

Question 11:String Theory refers to what?
How to play with your cat.
Something from science class.
Something to do with the innards of atoms.
Quantum Mechanics, and you just published some work on this very topic, funny I should ask!

Question 12:The closest you've gotten to a woman / man / it is...
As close as two can get!
A kiss.
A high-five.
You've looked at a member of the opposite sex.
Mommy said girls (boys, etc.) are bad.

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