Are You A Geek?
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Are You A Geek?

Well...are you? Take it and find out. The more points you get the more of a geek you are. Geeks are special so they get points.

Question 1:   Have you EVER, at any point in your life enjoyed a maths lesson?
Yes - sometimes
No - never
What's maths?
Yes - all the time

Question 2:   When do you do your homework?
Two days before it is due in
The day it is set
The night before it is due
The lesson before it is due

Question 3:   Do you have an IQ of 115 or more?
I have an IQ of 100-115
Of course!
I've never done an IQ test
What's an IQ?

Question 4:   Would like to be a geek?
It's my life time ambition
Er, no thanks....
I already am a geek! And proud of it!

Question 5:   Have you ever been accused of reading the encyclopedia/dictionary?
Yes, and I have actually read them
No, I'm not that sad!
What's a dictionary?

Question 6:   What do you look like?
I have spots, braces and have/need glasses
I'm not too unhappy with my appearance
My hair is ALWAYS perfect - I don't even think about it

Question 7:   How much do you know about computers?
I can kick them...
I can touch-type and do most things
I'm not entirely sure what a computer is....
I can take them apart, rebuild them and kick them with no effort at all

Question 8:   If you were give the opportunity to learn a new, wonderful language would you...
Think it is quite cool and give it a try?
Say sorry, you have a party so you can't make it?
Come eagerly, equipped with textbooks and dictionaries?

Question 9:   What is maths?
A cool thing that we do at school
A wonderful new world that enriches the mind and fills a whole new dimension
A boring thing that we do at school
Erm, I think it has numbers in it....

Question 10:   What is your idea of a scrumptious lunch?
Whole-meal brown bread, carrot sticks, a yoghurt and three pieces of fruit
A sandwich, some crisps and a chocolate bar
A burger and chips with coke
A chocolate bar

Question 11:   Which of these words do you use most often?

Question 12:   How many digits do you know Pi to?
2 - it's 3.14
What's pi?
Well, I know chicken pie, chocolate pie, apple pie....

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