What kind of fan girl are you?
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What kind of fan girl are you?

What kind of fan girl are you? Are you a crazy one? A rabid one? Or a slutty one? Or maybe you're just a normal fan girl.

Question 1:   If you saw any of the characters, what is the first thing you will do?
Chase them with a giant mallet
Ran up to them and ask them to sign your lips
Just walk away but hope that they'll notice you
Pretend to fall accidentally into their arms

Question 2:   If Kai ask you to the school prom, what will you say?
*blush* Sure.
Punch his face and chase him with a bigger mallet this time
Pick me up at 8 and don't be late! *kiss*

Question 3:   If Tyson accidentally push you and just walk away, what will you do?
Shout at him and kick him Ranma1/2 style
Just forgive him because his brain is the size of a pea
Oh he touch me! he touch me! *fell in love stupidly*

Question 4:   The show, beyblade, is already like finish. And never to be shown on tv again. What will your reaction be?
NOOOOOOOO! I'm going to sue the company!
How can this be? I still haven't had my date yet!
Sad but find something else you're a fan of in the meantime
MUAHAHAHAHA! I'm QUEEN of the world!

Question 5:   If everyone in the show wants you to be their girlfriend, who will you choose?
Who needs them? There are plenty of guys out there willing to die for me
Kai, Tala, Ray, .........bla.....bla.....bla.....I LOVE THESE GUYS!
Choose someone who's single and doesn't have any ex-girlfriend
Dump them all and make their life a living hell

Question 6:   If you saw your favourite character going out with your sister, what will you do?
Just walk away and find another fav character to go out with
Slap your sister and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and........
Just kick both of them and unleash a grizzly bear that will separate them
Go out with your sister's ex-boyfriend and make her jealous

Question 7:   If you're at school and a bully confronts you but your least fav character save you, what will you do?
Make him even least your fav character
Make him your No. 1 fav character
Just ignore him
Thank him

Question 8:   Max is on sugar high and he play with your wardrobe. What will you do?
Kick him out and punch him and break his bones and.....
Scold him
Say Awwwwwwwwww................
Just take the things from him and told him not to do it again

Question 9:   Wyatt keep singing (your name) and Kai sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! What will you do?
I know it's true.
Can you please stop that rumour?

Question 10:   Now the last and certainly not least question. What do you think of the better characters. (Eg. Tala, Ray, Kai, Enrique, ......)
I guess....they're ok. And cool too.
KAWAII! Kaitastic! Soooooooo..............*drools*
Pretty COOL I must say.

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