Am I A Girly-Girl? Quiz

Has anyone ever told you that you're "SUCH a girl"? Well, there's a test for that! Now you can see how girly you really are just by taking my quiz! If you're a guy and people tell you you're girly, then you can take this, too. You go, girly-man! It's great to be girly!

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    Which item are you most likely to have with you 24/7?
    Which item are you most likely to have with you 24/7?

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20 days ago
A stuffed animal I sleep with like 5 😂
29 days ago
I was not expecting this quiz to be so insightful! I'm just a guy that likes to have fun with these, but 👮 was it accurate in the result. I looks like I'm either, and I love that!
48 days ago
I was not able to work this app VERY very disappointed I thought this was meant to be good not my cuppa tea
81 days ago
I got a woah on the girly meter. I am a transgender female, meaning im actually male but identify as female.
110 days ago
Hmmmm Labels don’t we just love Those
142 days ago
Okay...I definitely am girly, but I don't think I am quite as girly as the results made me out to be...
162 days ago
I am a sexy girly girl with woman ! (:
173 days ago
I took this test and it turns out that I am a girly guy
177 days ago
I love seeing dresses and skirts every now again and doing my makeup and painting my nail but I also love camping and fishing but you mess up my hair ill be very mad at you I'm only attracted to men
181 days ago
I got maybe girly. Idk bout that but 😘💋
220 days ago
Bad quiz I need 19 characters
246 days ago
I got normal…. I’m too feminine to be a male :(
318 days ago
I took this quiz cause my frirnd said im like a straight up tomboy and shes all pink and lip glossy and skirts and pink and hearts and magic unicorns (and real unicorns shoot lasers out of their eyes duh doiii!)
318 days ago
I hate being girly it 🐤to the MAX!!!!!!! (Makeup is tooooootally super ultra overrated and Pokemon cards are waaaaaaaay better!!!!)

332 days ago
I got girly girl AND I'm sooooooo happy 💌😗😘😘
462 days ago
Did the test as a guy and apparently I scored pretty high (^^)
478 days ago
On the 12 question it was back to boys I was like I don’t like boys tho also if you read this pls keep homophobia to your self
483 days ago
My one said i can be a guy and a girl
535 days ago
i'm not even that girly
571 days ago
I got a nOrMaL gIrL

Although i don’t get how princesses and ponies make someone girly- I feel like most girls liked barbie or mlp when they were little- even the ‘girly-girl’s ig ik don’t go around saying “I wAnT a pEt pOnYyYy”, it’s more screaming at bugs and bringing their hair brushes to school.

Some of these questions were hard to answer- for me the one abt boys especially? I don’t find anyone attractive, at least not at my current age. And if I do it’s usually with someone I have a strong bond with- never had a crush though. And the sports one- what’s with “boys footy” or whatever? Kinda makes it more awkward lol- and I swim in a club and train so I chose that but it was hard to choose with the emphasised hate of getting sweaty.

Also there is nothing wrong with being a girly-girl, a tomboy or just a nOrMaL gIrLlL-

Anyways seriously no hate, I mean this all extremely light heartedly, thanks for the quiz to take during these long periods of boredom haha :DD