Am I A Girly-Girl? Quiz

Has anyone ever told you that you're "SUCH a girl"? Well, there's a test for that! Now you can see how girly you really are just by taking my quiz! If you're a guy and people tell you you're girly, then you can take this, too. You go, girly-man! It's great to be girly!

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    Which item are you most likely to have with you 24/7?
    Which item are you most likely to have with you 24/7?

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102 days ago
Did the test as a guy and apparently I scored pretty high (^^)
118 days ago
On the 12 question it was back to boys I was like I don’t like boys tho also if you read this pls keep homophobia to your self
123 days ago
My one said i can be a guy and a girl
175 days ago
i'm not even that girly
211 days ago
I got a nOrMaL gIrL

Although i don’t get how princesses and ponies make someone girly- I feel like most girls liked barbie or mlp when they were little- even the ‘girly-girl’s ig ik don’t go around saying “I wAnT a pEt pOnYyYy”, it’s more screaming at bugs and bringing their hair brushes to school.

Some of these questions were hard to answer- for me the one abt boys especially? I don’t find anyone attractive, at least not at my current age. And if I do it’s usually with someone I have a strong bond with- never had a crush though. And the sports one- what’s with “boys footy” or whatever? Kinda makes it more awkward lol- and I swim in a club and train so I chose that but it was hard to choose with the emphasised hate of getting sweaty.

Also there is nothing wrong with being a girly-girl, a tomboy or just a nOrMaL gIrLlL-

Anyways seriously no hate, I mean this all extremely light heartedly, thanks for the quiz to take during these long periods of boredom haha :DD
223 days ago
smelling like cake & flowers, adorning everything in glitter, pink, hearts, etc, + being girly in general makes me feel cute & pretty!
251 days ago
i want all the guys tho
251 days ago
lol i got regular girl when im actually a relatively masculine demiboy -_-
255 days ago
I just love being girly I don't even care about the colour of my hair scrunchie either It didn't say my favourite colour though cause my favourite colour is Violet. Also I want the stars of Descendants 3 to do this quiz
300 days ago
I just realised that this quiz is stupid and kinda offencive.. well I mean that like why is liking ponies and princesses girly this goes back to when girls could only act like “girls” not exactly this quiz but the term girly girl is pretty offensive like who decided what a girl acts like we act like what ever the hell we want to and should just be considered simply a ‘girl’ if that’s what we know we are! This quiz 😘who cares!
300 days ago
Everyone is different we all like and want different things you don’t need to be defencive no one is against you❤️
300 days ago
WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO BE GIRLY GIRLY IS TOTALLY THE BEST WUT IS WORNG WITH U PPL ok calm down. Sry ppl im jus very sensitive when ppl say they dont wanna be girly.
300 days ago
Soo my cousin aways tells me im girly which i believe and i wasnt surprised when i got this:So are you a girly-girl? Are you kidding me? You actually scored high! Well, you are high-maintenance, obviously, and love to go shopping. Try to tone it down, though - not many guys like girls who tend to freak out about the color of their hair scrunchies! Just saying! The new will wear off fast if you keep that up. You should share this test with your girl friends so they can see if they are as girly as you! (NOT likely.)

I luv being girly i dont know why ppl dont like to so ye. Girly Girls rule!
301 days ago
This quiz is not easy to answer none of the answers are what I would put! Sure I love fashion but I also love camping basketball and anything to do with mud and water who ever made this definitely dose not understand everyone!! :l
326 days ago
I am not a girly girl! :D
329 days ago
I play football tackle football I'm very much a girl. There's no such thing as boys football. Also the guy question doesn't apply. None of them are my type.
343 days ago
Honestly some questions i didn't knw how to answer to like about the type of guys I like because i'm lesbian soo.
351 days ago
I am a regular most girly girls like makeup, dresses and if they get their heels dirty they will absolutely freak. I am not one of those type of people.
354 days ago
im regular oof i was sure i was girly girl but no so oof
354 days ago
Noo, i'm girly. I hate lip gloss and makeup.