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Most of society throws shade (so to speak) on darkness because they associate it with evil. But not Goths, who choose to see darkness as beautiful, too. To a Goth, the brunette antagonist of a story is every bit as worthy as the blonde protagonist...the thorn as lovely as the rose...loss of love as valuable as love itself...night as enjoyable as day.
Which, if you think about it, is wise, because it's dealing with what's real. Goths understand it's OK NOT to be happy all the time, and don't waste time trying to pretend they're Susie (or Sam) Sunshine. To the uninitiated, they might seem downright unhealthy. Actually, Goths are often healthier emotionally than most mainstream individuals. And their clothes and music flat-out RULE!
Wonder if you might be a Goth? Welcome to our "Am I A Goth?" section, where we have quizzes you can take to find out whether you're a Goth, or just a lesser being (just kidding - we know not everyone is lucky enough to be a true Goth). Try some tests now, and if you're so inclined, create your own quiz to add to the mix! We'd love to receive it.

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Are you Goth, or just a Poser?

Are you Goth, or just a Poser?

Are you goth?

Are you goth?


What type of goth are you?


The Goth Quiz

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374 days ago
hi... as you can see i self harm myslef anyway this is for z girl yea gurl if anyone judges me then punch in their face and if anyone lays a finger on my friends they are dead. i self harm i dont care no one can help me i dont look depressed but i am........ well later.... OwO UmU
655 days ago
When you see me I may not look totally like a goth but I am one and a vampire. If anybody judges me they will have nightmares for the rest of their life and if they mess with my friends I will kill them!
688 days ago
like nothing was there except for pics
688 days ago
I don't know what I got cuz there wasn't any test
1163 days ago
I am a normal person on the outside, but on the inside, I am a goth
1221 days ago
idk i think im just a grungy gal maybe
1260 days ago
Hi there I am vampire Goth Peter John bolducion
1475 days ago
I love black and I'm very secretive from my family I'm thinking about changing my name to Sarah or gabby
1510 days ago
my name is Peter John Bolduc and I am Gothic and a coffee drinker and a smoker
1526 days ago
Thanks again I'm Gothicpeterjohnbolduc and a smoker
1562 days ago
My parents say i have no sole because im a goth but i say thank you for the compliment i truly enjoy being gothic
1627 days ago
I am a goth.I knew this before but , whatever , I just took the quiz . Being a goth is not only wearing dark clothes , listening to music that other people think is scary and using dark make up . It comes from within and there is a lot more to it. I have been a goth since the age of 10 or 9.
1666 days ago
Turns out I am a goth. My family thinks it’s a phase but to me it isn’t. My closet is full of black grey red and white, I rarely wear anything other than that. This helps me a bit because now I know just what I am after wondering around lost and looking for myself
1676 days ago
Where tf is the quiz
1707 days ago
I had a feeling that I was goth. After I took this quiz, it came out to be true. My family takes this as a joke but I really am goth.
1875 days ago
I love being goth so you don't have to worry about love or anything like it
1876 days ago
I am a true Goth. I am really dark