Which type of goth are you?
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Which type of goth are you?

Are you a classic goth, modern goth, or not a goth at all? Find out!

Question 1:   You are most likely to watch:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Munsters
The Adams Family

Question 2:   Which movie are you more likely to watch?
Dracula with Bella Lagosse(spell check)
Jeepers Creepers
The Crow

Question 3:   Favorite color?
Silver or Gold

Question 4:   What are you most likely to wear?
Red tube top underneath a black low-cut shirt with jeans
Black, velvet blouse with strings and a matching long skirt with high boots
Black band T-shirt with black pants and big black shoes

Question 5:   How do you prefer to wear your hair?
Straight and black or blood-red
pony-tail or down--highlighted
Spiked, streaked, all the weird crap.

Question 6:   What band do you think is soft-core or a bunch of "emo pussies"?
Good Charlotte
Backstreet Boys

Question 7:   Your religion?
none, agnostic
Satanist, atheist
Christian, catholic, or etc

Question 8:   Make-up?
gold eye-shadow, lip-gloss
black eye-liner, black nail-polish
Lots of black eye-shadow, maybe some red, thing lines of eye-liner, blood-red lipstick or black

Question 9:   Favorite type of music?
punk rock, rap
punk rock, metal
Death metal, black metal, any type of metal, classic hard rock.

Question 10:   Last question: You're at the mall and you go into Hot Topic. Why?
They have Care Bear and Strawberry Shortcake stuff
I had some extra money to buy a sharp, pointy ring.

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