Are you goth?

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If you really want to know if you're Goth then take this Quiz and find out!

  • 1
    What is your favorite color?
  • 2
    What is Goth?
  • 3
    What band is Goth?

  • 4
    What do you usually wear?
  • 5
    What type of Goth would you consider yourself?
  • 6
    What is your favorite writer?

  • 7
    Is there a place you'd like to visit?
  • 8
    What pet would you like to Own?
  • 9
    Are you sad all the time?
  • 10
    Do you think you are Goth?

Comments (18)


619 days ago
tf! i am a dedicated goth. depressed, always wears black, hates everyone and everything. yea dont blame meh. i pull off some mean black makeup.
623 days ago
What the heck this thing is botched, it is saying that i am not a goth, saying that it is not always about bieng depressed and dark. I know that already but i am into dark and i am depressed and i like vampirism and victorian steam i am a goth i have a right to claim if the questions had more answers to choose from then the answer will change. :(
802 days ago
I'm a goth and this test gave me " almost goth your trying to hard" the test results aren't accurate
876 days ago
I am sorry but I am a total goth so your quiz is not accurate.
1005 days ago
Are you goth?


You understand Gothic fashion. You are trying too hard to be Goth. Just be one. If you confidently think you are Goth then you are Goth.:)

I don't think that I am a goth, although I am always sad for reasons, I don't think that makes me a goth. I also wear black clothing most of the time too, from head to toe I'm dressed in black, but I still don't think that makes me a goth either... ?
1121 days ago
Whoever wrote this quiz needs to do a bit more research in to what Goth culture and tastes include.
No mention of classic horror literature, just some vampire books. Very limited range in colours (I've seen goths wearing bright pink and black in combination and still looking striking and awesome, it's not all black black black). a complete failure to understand the range of expression that Goths have...
And I'm not even a goth, i'm just a nerd who has a good number of gothy friends.
1308 days ago
My results were almost goth. So....I'm goth
1436 days ago
I'm almost goth and I choose to be one.
1452 days ago
It told me I was goth. I really don't consider myself goth though. Yeah, I do like Bauhaus, joy division Siouxsie Sioux and that could make someone who enjoys the Gothic subculture, however that wasn't even on the test.
1499 days ago
It says I’m not goth but I very much am
1514 days ago
Not accurate...
1562 days ago
It's fun to see what your true self. Now I am almost Goth and I'm fine with that! But, I am also emo so hello emos!! This was fun and I will be doing more of these. Thanks.
1621 days ago
i understand but i try too hard to be goth so just be one?
I cannot just be one cause my mom byes me my lothes! I'm in 6th grade, man!
In 6th grade girls don't get to decide their wardrobe!
1621 days ago
i understand what goth is or what goths are, i'm not one though.
1690 days ago
Pretty accurate 🙂
1903 days ago
Of course I understand Goth fashion - I used to be a costumer designer. Haha! But really, I'm a bigger fan of Goth Rock than Goth Fashion anyways so....
2350 days ago
I am most certainly goth! Also, I already have a pet rat
2393 days ago
Ummm what do you mean I have to understand that Gothic Culture is not about being sad and is not phase? I do understand that, so your statement is invalid.