Are You Hip Enough to Be a Hippie?
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Are You Hip Enough to Be a Hippie?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a true tree-hugger?

Question 1:There is a big peace protest one hundred miles from where you live. What do you do?
Watch in the tele, and think about how much fun it could have been
Go a few days in advance, make posters, and recruit more people
Go and scream my guys out
Peace? Who cares about peace? I want a new car.

Question 2:Greenpeace sends you a letter in the mail asking for money to save the Texas Prairie Chicken. You...
Throw the letter away, go to Texas and start killing all the prairie chickens you can find.
Send whatever spare cash I can find.
Why would Greenpeace have to ask me? I'm already a member and contribute all my time and money to the cause.
Throw away the letter and write a strong worded letter back to Greenpeace telling them to leave you alone

Question 3:You find out they are going to cut down the Great Redwoods in California to make way for a new shopping mall. You...
Get my buddies together, go to California, and live in the Redwoods until they change their minds
Chain myself to the trees.
I'm right there with the demolition guys handing them the saws.
Shopping mall! Woo hoo! Who cares about trees?!?!

Question 4:Your favorite possession is...
my 12-string guitar
my car baby yea!
my healing crystals
possession? I don't need no stinking possession!

Question 5:How did Jimi Hendrix die?
plane crash
Jimi who?
drug overdose
What are you talking about? Hendrix isn't dead! Hendrix is god!

Question 6:Its Woodstock '69. Where are you?
in the front row grooving to the music
at home. Who cares about Woodstock?
covered in mud, making love not war.
I’m too stoned to remember.

Question 7:Its election time, what party are you going to vote for?
The Green Party

Question 8:You're in New York, but you need to be in California. You...
hitchike man
hop on a plane
get in my car and go
stay in New York. If I really needed to be in California I would be there already.

Question 9:In the sixties, where would you most like to be?
Haight-Ashbury in California
Vietnam fighting for my country
Grenwich Village in New York
Carnaby Street in London

Question 10:Lastly, what is your ideal job?
Business exec

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