Rate your Hippie level
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Rate your Hippie level

A great quiz which gives you ten questions and after that a complete evaluation of how Hippie you are.

Question 1:How old are you?
Older than 40

Question 2:Take a look inside your closet, what next description matches your clothes?
I've got some colors in your clothes.
Yes, colors. I love them!
My mom takes me shopping, so the clothes in my closet don't really say anything about my style. It's my mom's style.
I have it all! From colorful clothes to beads and flowers in my hair to the feeling of being a hippie.
Black, black and black. And oh yeah, grey.

Question 3:What genre of music do you like?
Rock 'n' Roll, oldies
Pop and R/B
Reggae, rock
Whatever my friends like.

Question 4:What is your favorite individual activity?
Walking in a forest, sniffing the flowers.
Watching old movies, and documentaries with JFK.
Walking around completely naked and barefooted, of course.
Writing poetry

Question 5:What's your motto?
Life's a drag.
Life is groovy, baby!
Life's a drag, but sometime it's okay.
Life is what you make of it, keep it cool!
Life's okay!

Question 6:Tell me something about your hairstyle!
My hair is shoulder-length.
my hair is shoulder-length, because it doesn't grow that fast.
My hair is short and that's the way my mom likes it.
My hair is quite long. I love it!
My hair is really long, I need help to wash it!

Question 7:What do you do for a living?
I have different jobs, most of them outdoors.
I don't earn a living yet, I don't need it. I'm still in school.
I work at a supermarket.
I work with the poor and homeless.
I don't have a steady job, but I do volunteer work.

Question 8:What's your favorite website?
www.who-am-I.com (does not exist)

Question 9:Were you alive in the sixties?
nope, but I did live during the seventies.
No, that's not possible.
More asleep than alive.
No, but I wish I was.
No, but maybe my past life was.

Question 10:What did you like best about the sixties? Or, if you weren't alive back then, what would you have liked about the sixties?
Freedom of speech. Democratic justice.
Hippie communities
Mind expanding drugs.
Bright colors

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