Hippie Quiz
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Hippie Quiz

While people your age are worrying about what to wear on Friday night, are you concerned with human rights issues in China? While your peers are getting drunk to be 'fucked up', are you smoking herb as a catalyst for intellectual discoveries? Take this quiz to find out how much of a hippie you truly are, cause its groovy, man.

Question 1:PETA stands for
Parent's Erasing Tedious Actions
Pesticides in Europe Treatment Action
The Program for Elementary Tribal Association
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PETA means nothing

Question 2:What is the best instrument for getting stoned?

Question 3:NORML is an organization that works towards...
The dismantling of sweatshops
The destruction of nuclear weapons
The legalization of marijuana

Question 4:Clothing should...
Express your views on society
Resemble that of the 1960's subculture
Be comfortable

Question 5:For which of the following is the Gap responsible?
The use of sweatshops
Sending large amounts of waste into the Arctic Sea
Using dye in their clothing that poisons the air
Not hiring homosexuals

Question 6:Timothy Leary was a professor at which school?

Question 7:Psychedelic mushrooms taste like...
The deterioration of reality
Your mom

Question 8:Ken Kesey was a...
Black Panther
Politician in the 1980's
Merry Prankster

Question 9:The production of animal flesh for food does NOT affect...
Waste Matter
The Peace Movement

Question 10:LSD is...
A recreational drug to be used at raves
Something else to get me fucked up
A powerful chemical used to expand the mind

Question 11:Organized religion can be used to provide a sense of community to those with a higher understanding of life.
I don't know

Question 12:Civil rights are important because they...
Show other countries that we are not oppressive
Give us something for which to fight
Allow us to peruse a life that will lead to happiness
Result in the absence of racism

Question 13:The DEA does which of the following?
Murder 1000's of people yearly, while destroying the lives of innocent people by sending them to jail and put profits from drugs into the hands of violent street gangs.
Protect honest Americans from low-life drug-dealers , who sell get people addicted to drugs such as crack-cocaine and heroin.
Work for a better society where there is no violence, hatred, or fear.

Question 14:Albert Hoffman invented what in 1938?
The smiley-face symbol
Color television
The peace sign
Volkswagen Beetle

Question 15:Was Nixon a good president?
In some ways...
Hell no.

Question 16:The Republican party works for...
The good of the United States.
Selfish Americans, interested only in money.
The imprisonment of blacks and other minorities.
Small businesses, working to take down monster corporations through sneaky tricks

Question 17:What is freedom?
A goal that gives us hippies something to be angry about, motivating us to act the way we do.
The granting of rights and liberties that allow everyone to live their life as they see fit, without harming the lives of others.
Being stoned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year...
The United States of America

Question 18:A 'bud' is...
A friend
A pine cone
A lump in the ground

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