What type of Nerd are YOU??
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What type of Nerd are YOU??

Is C++ just a grade to you, or is it a computer language? Are you into PBS or MTV? Are you a real nerd or just pretending to get a smart chick/dud to do your homework? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:C++ is . . .
I don't know. A rock band maybe?
a really good grade for me.
a computer language.
a grade I never want to get.

Question 2:College is the ideal place for . . .
smart kids. Not for me.
learning. What else?
making new friends.
hard liquor and hard partying. Whoo-hoo!

Question 3:You make a B on a test. What do you do?
That is an impossible scenario because I only make A's.
That is an impossible scenario because I only make F's.
Freak out a little, but try to improve.
I really couldn't care less.

Question 4:You could not live without . . .
your porno collection.
your IBM.
your friends.
your car.

Question 5:Which of the following honors would you most likely receive?
Going into the Guinness Book of Records for eating the most bean burritos in two minutes.
The Nobel Prize in physics for discovering a new theorem.
A Grammy for my hit rock song.
A Pulitzer for writing the Great American Novel.

Question 6:What type of movies do you prefer?
Mindless comedy.
Sci-fi all the way!
Anything X-rated.

Question 7:Look in your pocket right now. What's in it?
My calculator.
A cheat sheet for Thursday's history test.
A condom. I gotta be prepared, you know.

Question 8:Of the following people, who's the coolest?
Mother Theresa
Albert Einstein
Ozzy Osbourne
The Rock

Question 9:Your TV is usually on . . .
all day long, 24/7!
I don't watch much TV.
PBS or Discovery.

Question 10:The government needs to spend more money on . . .
science. You can't expect to go further without it.
defense. There will BE no country if we don't blow up our enemies!
me. I'm flat broke.
education. It's the key to the future.

Question 11:In your room, there are posters of . . .
scantily-clad models and Marilyn Manson.
the latest rock group and my movie star crush.
rain forests. Someone's gotta save 'em!
Shakespeare, Einstein, and Freud.

Question 12:A platonic relationship is . . .
a relationship in which there is a spiritual mutuality, encouraged by the great 5th century BC Greek philosopher, Plato.
for losers.
Um, that's not a word I know.
the way to go.

Question 13:What do you do in your free time?
You really don't want to know.
Video games and arcades.
I'm too busy with school activities. I don't have free time.
I reread my favorite book, my AP Physics BC textbook!

Question 14:Which of these occupations is most appealing to you?
A rock star. Think of the fame, baby!
A nuclear scientist. You get paid oodles for doing what you love most!
A couch potato. I like potatoes and I like couches. Good combo, right?
A teacher. You get to stay in school and help others learn.

Question 15:Which is most important to you in a relationship?

Question 16:Do you wear glasses?
Yes. How did you know that?
Now that's just stupid! How do you wear glasses? A glass is for drinking!!!
Nope. I have contacts.
Heck no!

Question 17:What was the most beautiful part in the movie "A Beautiful Mind"?
All the pretty numbers flashing across the screen.
I don't watch any movie unless it is rated NC-17 or X.
The love and determination of a devoted couple despite the husband's mental illness.
I napped through it. Sorry.

Question 18:You are saving up your money for . . .
buying a new Dell. Dude, I need one!
bootlegs. Of any kind.
donating it to charity, of course.
Err, I REALLY can't say it here . . .

Question 19:Who is funniest?
Mel Brooks
Tom Green
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Carrot Top

Question 20:What do you think of when you hear the word 'nerd'?
An elite group of intelligent minds who are unfairly tormented at lunch by people who are jealous imbeciles and have absolutely no future whatsoever.
The delightful candy that comes in tiny boxes.

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