Are You A True Band Nerd!
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Are You A True Band Nerd!

Are you in band? Does anyone ever tell you that you are a band nerd? Well here is a way to find out if you are or not!

Question 1:   Do you ever hum your concert tunes in the hall after band?
Only if it's an interesting song.
No..........that's stupid

Question 2:   Is band class the highlight of your day?
On some days, when we're doing fun stuff

Question 3:   Do you sometimes refer to the 1st and 2nd semester as marching and concert season?
Oh yeah, it gets on my friends nerves too!
What kind of person would do that?
Once.........but it was an accident.

Question 4:   Is the place to be before and after school the Band Hall?
Only when it's cold outside
I wouldn't be caught dead in there besides band class!
Oh's the only place to be!

Question 5:   When someone new moves to your school, the first question you ask is.....
Are they in band?
Are they hot?
Who cares if someone new moves here!

Question 6:   When you see someone on television playing the same instrument as you, and they're playing it wrong, you.....
Who's playing what?
scream at the television till you pass out, cause it drives you insane
Say something, then forget all about it

Question 7:   Do you dress up more for a band concert than you do for prom?
Heck Yeah! There are lots more people there to watch me then at prom.
OMG! Yes! I plan all year for what I'm gonna wear to the band concert!
NO WAY! Prom is way more important than band.

Question 8:   Have you kept every piece of sheet music ever given to you?
Only some, I lose most of them
NO WAY! I burn my music!
Must you even ask........I have it all laminated and cased in my room.: D

Question 9:   When one of your friends drops out of band, you....
do nothing, who cares if they drop out of band or not
Cry over it for a week, then slowly lose touch with your friend cause you don't ever see them anymore
Are mad at them for a day then get over it

Question 10:   Last but not least, do you know what really goes on on the band bus?
umm........I don't think I want to know
Oh yeah..............hehehe ;)
Heck Yeah! I start it all!

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