Are you a computer nerd?
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Are you a computer nerd?

Are you a light user, pseudo techie, total techie, or techno phobe? Take this quiz to see how big a computer geek you are (or aren't)!

Question 1:How many email addresses do you have?
One for friends, one for family
One for friends, one for family, one for my work, one for...
Just one

Question 2:Do you have a website?
I don't even have email!
There's a profile of me on My Yahoo!
A website? How about 3?
Why should I make a website?

Question 3:What's the difference between a parallel and serial port?
Those are just two different names for the same thing
One's bigger than the other.
It's the number of pins
A what and a what?

Question 4:Did you assemble your computer?
I actually don't have a computer. I'm using a friend's now
I had someone else do it
I plugged in the adapters
Of course I did

Question 5:Do you have a Pentium?
I dunno
No, it's a 486 (or No, I have an Apple)
Pentiums? Those are sooooo 20th century!

Question 6:How many hours per day do you spend on your computer.
1-2 hours every day
This is my 1st/2nd time on the computer
Hours per day? Try days per week!
I only use it when necessary, like for work or school

Question 7:Have you ever been part of an RPG?
No. That's for real dorks
What's an RPG?
Of course!

Question 8:What's a BIOS?
Something perverted?
Something to do with computers?
Had to fix that to make my PC Y2K friendly.
My most intimate friend ever since I nearly crashed my computer

Question 9:What do you use your computer for?
This is my 1st/2nd time on the computer
Work/school, playing games, internet
Work/school, playing games, internet, scanning, burning CDs...

Question 10:Ever hacked anyone's computer?
Yes (or No, but I could if I wanted)
What kinda sicko would do that?
That's too much work to figure out.

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