Are you a band nerd?!?!
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Are you a band nerd?!?!

Take this short quiz to uncover the truth about your inner band nerd

Question 1:It's Friday night, some friends are going to the big football game at school, you...
go with your friends and cheer for your school
go with the pep band, Go Fight Win!
go because you play for the team
go with the rest of the cheer squad, school spirit, yea!

Question 2:You're thinking about trying out for the jazz band at school, but it would mean having to miss out on time with your pals, you would say...
to hell with them, jazz band would look good on your collage application
friends always come first with you, you can do jazz band next year
Jazz all the way, I can feel the beat within me
what's jazz?

Question 3:Bobby's parents are out of town and he's throwing a huge party, but you already committed yourself to the music festival that same day! You...
go to the festival, you gotta stay true to your commitments
crash the party, it's a once in a lifetime chance!(not)
try to get someone else to fill in for you at the music thing, you hear the party calling you
You weren't invited to the party, maybe it's because you spend all your time in the band room

Question 4:The bell rings for lunch, you...
head for the cafeteria, they're serving leftover pizza, yum.
speed over to you and your friends favorite haunt, nothing like stuffing your face with your homies
go straight to the band room, there's a band council meeting today and you're the president!
Stay right where you are, you've got detention...again.

Question 5:The school day is over, after school you...
go home, where you belong
hurry to some kind of sports practice, you might be late!
find your friend and head over to his/her house to chill while listening to some music
have to attend something having to do with band

Question 6:Can you survive without music?
No way!
Does Britney Spears count?
Would I have to?

Question 7:One of your friends is starting a band, you...
are in the band of course, with talent like yours it's to be expected
ask if they will be playing any Bach, cause you only like classical music
ask to write the music, it's the only thing you can do relating to music
say cool and ask to be informed of any upcoming concerts

Question 8:You've heard people calling you a band nerd behind your back, you...
inform them that you don't even know how to play an instrument
realize it's just the voices in your head and forget about it
think it's true, so you accept it and don't say anything
wonder why the biggest band nerd in school is the one saying stuff about you even though you are in band

Question 9:The band director at your school approaches you and asks...
if you're going to be in band today
if you thought about possibly participating in honor band
why are you hanging around the band room when you should be at basketball practice
if you would like to join the band, he/she heard you played the trumpet

Question 10:While taking this quiz, you thought at one point,
I'm hungry
I should go practice, the director handed out a new piece of music in band today
Why are bananas yellow?
What exactly is a pullet?

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