Are you a nerd?
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Are you a nerd?

This is another quiz I designed in my spare time. Do you find the mating rituals of the south american red ant interesting? Is your favourite book the thesaurus? then maybe this is the quiz for you. PS: Please do not get offended by the results of this quiz. Although You may discover you are a nerd in the process of doing this quiz it is suppose to be a bit of fun!

Question 1:What do you do at the weekend?
I go out with a big group of mates
I go out with a big group of mates and get drunk
I stay at home and watch tv
I sometimes stay at home and chat to my friends on the phone or the internet
I stay at home and read an encyclopaedia/ thesaurus/dictionary etc

Question 2:What is your favourite junk food?
Anything from Mc Donalds which is covered in grease
Chocolate, Sweets, Crisps, anything deemed unhealthy
I don't really like junk food
I eat healthy junk food

Question 3:What sort of clothes do you wear?
nike trainers or rockports teamed with tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirts and tons of gold jewellery
anything which is on the catwalk at the moment
I wear whatever I feel like wearing. If I like something I'll buy it!
I like to wear shirts buttoned up all the way and woolly jumpers with funny patterns on them!
I wear army style camouflage trousers with a sweatshirt or tee shirt

Question 4:What is your favourite film?
anything with naked women in it? (does not count for girls)
lion king
the fast and the furious
american pie 2

Question 5:What is your favourite TV channel?
the Playboy channel
the Discovery animal and wildlife channel
the Music channels

Question 6:How many friends have you got?
Theres about 20 of us, but if you start on one of us then we'll start on you!
I have a group of ten close friends but I'm mates with lots of other people
I have a best mate and we spend all our time making fun of the really geeky people

Question 7:What is your most favourite possession?
My CD Player
My calculator!
My Make up bag
I have lots of favourite possessions I just can't name one!

Question 8:If you could do anything in life what would it be?
I'd become a music artist or a movie star
I'd write a book on the molecular structure of the different parts of a ham sandwich
I'd win the lottery and spend all the money on myself!
I'd win the lottery and give the money to charity
I'd hold a big party for everyone

Question 9:What sort of clubs are you involved with at school?
School clubs are for losers
I am a member of the maths and science club at school
I am on the football, netball, hockey team
I don't do any after school clubs but at least the people who do do clubs have something to do after school instead of homework

Question 10:What are your favourite sayings?
Gee Whiz and Super
Mong and Gimp
Cool, Sweet and Tender
Ok then and You saddo
I don't use sayings

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