Are you a poser?
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Are you a poser?

This quiz will let you know if you really are as hardcore as you think you are!

Question 1:On a saturday afternoon, you can probably be found:
Shopping for the newest trendy clothes
Leading an Anti-War manifestation
At home working on homework

Question 2:You and a friend are listening to the radio when a song comes on that you hate. Your friend loves the song and asks what you think. You
tell her it sucks and that it's one of the reasons you don't listen to the radio
tell her you love it and start pretending to mouth the words
tell her its not bad but not your favourite

Question 3:You wear mostly punk rocker clothes. How many punk show have you been to?
Punk show? Those are dirty and scary and you would rather die than risk getting your cool threads torn
One or two depending on how much you like the band
All of them no matter who they are

Question 4:Everyone loves Avril Lavign. You pay tribute to her by:
Buying her CD if you have the money.
You don't listen to mainstream pop. You prefer underground.
By her CDs, posters, and immediately attach a tie around your next.

Question 5:Honestly, the main reason you draw an anarchy sign on your backpack is:
Because you saw it on a music video and thought it looked cool.
I don't draw on my backpack
you fully believe in it. You spend your time rebelling against authority and are planning on forming an anarchist group to put things into action.

Question 6:If you could get anything pierced, you would do:
everywhere possible
your ears
your belly button and maybe your nose

Question 7:Would you ever go to on strike and picket even if you knew it could turn violent?
Yeah! you would be at the front of the crowd swearing at the pigs!
Nah, you'd rather send a letter to the company or something
You might go, but once the news cameras leave then you're outty.

Question 8:You could best describe your style as:
something to make people uncomfortable
Whatever is new and trendy
Something comfortable

Question 9:The first reaction of people once you sit down on the bus is:
Nothing really.
The usually move as far away as possible and avoid eye contact.
They better look at you and if not then you'll put on your headphones and turn your music up as loud as possible so that they do.

Question 10:Do you think you're hardcore?
You are who you are
No not at all
Yes! Definitely!

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