Are you a class prep?

Question 1:   What is your favorite color?

Question 2:   What would you rather do?
Hang out w/friends.
Go shopping & get a makeover.
Stay home and study.

Question 3:   Who would you rather date?
A Nerd/Geek.*eww.*
A Jock.
A Quarterback.
A Teacher.

Question 4:   What do you want to do to show school spirit?
Cheerleader. They have short skirts!
Track. I'm really fast.
Year book Committee. I don't have 2 do anything!
Nothing. School is lame.

Question 5:   What is your favorite course?
Math. I love to study.
Science. Dissecting frogs is cool!
Lunch. I can talk there!

Question 6:   What do you eat at lunch?
Pizza. Good and greasy!
Salad. Have 2 keep my good looks!
Nothing. I'd rather study.
Whatever my boyfriend gets! He's so hot!

Question 7:   What do you during study time?
Reapply my makeup!
Flirt w/the new guy!
Talk to my friends...Duh!
All of the above.

Question 8:   What do you do when you get home?
Talk on the phone!
Watch T.V.!
Sleep 'til dinner.
Study to keep up my good grades!

Question 9:   If you got chosen to be on the cheerleading squad, and chose the new team colors, what colors would you chose?
Green and Blue
Hot Pink and White
Yellow and Red
Nothing. I would leave the colors.

Question 10:   If you could travel to one country in the world, where would you go?
Hong Kong, China. The city of rice.
Paris, France. The city of love!
I wouldn't go anywhere.
Sydney, Australia. I like kangaroos!

This Quiz has been designed by Nicole.