Are you a prep?

See if you are a prep

Question 1:   Do you wear brand-name clothes?
I have a lot, but not all of my clothes
Of course, all of my clothes!
A couple
Heck, no!

Question 2:   Do people call you a prep?
I hear it all the time; I don't care
maybe, probably behind my back
Not that I know of
They call me geek, not prep!

Question 3:   Do you call yourself a prep?
No way!
I never thought about it, probably not
Yeah, sometimes
Yeah, and I'm proud of it!

Question 4:   Do you take cheerleading?
I never have, and never will!

Question 5:   Do you talk like a valleygirl?
I, like, talk like that occasionally by habit
Like, totally!
Maybe a couple slips out, but not to look cool
No way!

Question 6:   Do you have a boyfriend?
I'm single now, but I used to have one
I don't even want a boyfriend until I'm 30!
No, but I'd like one
I get one every week!

Question 7:   Do you laugh at people who aren't as popular as you?
All the time, it's really fun, they can deal with it!
I have a couple times
No, maybe I laugh behind their back
I never will!
No, I'm laughed at instead!

Question 8:   Do you not even go near "geeks" in case someone sees you?
Maybe I did it without thinking
Yeah...eww, you think I want to be near those people?
I've caught myself doing it a lot
I'm the geek!

Question 9:   What is more important to you?
I want to get a boyfriend!
Everyone else
My eyes, my face, my butt...ME!
Surviving another day of school

Question 10:   Do you think you are the most popular girl in school?
I don't think, I KNOW!
I can be vain sometimes
Not really, but a am popular at least

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