How Punk Are You?
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How Punk Are You?

I think the title kinda explains itself...

Question 1:Who is your favourite band?
Avril Lavigne
Sum 41/Good Charlotte
Rancid/The Distillers
Some local band

Question 2:What is something you wouldn't be caught dead without?
Spike bracelets
A tie
Little boys superhero shirts

Question 3:The typical punk outfit is:
It can't be labeled you dumbfuck
Pretty much what Avril is wearing: tie, lots of bracelets, etc.
Little boys superhero shirts, belt, something creatively homemade
Plaid pants, suspenders, spike bracelets/belts

Question 4:Are you in a punk band?
Fuck yeah and we're damn good!
No, and I don't want to be
No but I wanna be in one
Yeah but we're not exactly known by anyone yet

Question 5:Do you wear black eye liner?
A little bit
A normal amount
My eyes are totally black

Question 6:What do you think of preps?
They're people too
They're not my favourite people
I HATE THEM! Fuck them and their perky fakeness!
They deserve to die

Question 7:Have you ever been to a punk show?
No but I want to
Of course!
Yeah and I play at them too

Question 8:Where are you usually found at the punk show?
Like I said, I've never been to one...
Right up front next to the speaker

Question 9:What do you think of Avril Lavigne?
She's like my idol! I love her fashion sense!
I don't particularly like her...
She is fake and I hate her.
I hope she dies...maybe I will assassinate her...

Question 10:What colour is your hair?
Bleach blonde
Something you wouldn't normally find growing on human heads...

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