Are you a punk?
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Are you a punk?

Have you ever wondered whether you were a real punk, or just a poser? No? Well, me either, but if you take this quiz you will find out!

Question 1:Do you think you're a punk?
No way!
Does it matter?

Question 2:What do you think of Avril Lavigne?
I'd rather hear Christina Aguilara, but whatever.
I don't like her music, but she's okay.
She's okay, in her own way.
She's such a poser!

Question 3:What do you think of Good Charlotte?
They're such posers!
I don't like their music, but they're okay.
They rock!
I'd rather hear Justin Timberlake.

Question 4:You wear a tie to school one day... and someone comes up and calls you a 'loser' and for the rest of the day everyone looks at you funny. What do you do?
I would be the one calling that person a loser!
I wouldn't be caught dead in a tie... only posers wear those!
Tell them to piss off, and wear another one the next day just to rub it in
Hate them forever, but never wear a tie again.

Question 5:What's your 'style'?
Whatever I feel like
Is this quiz almost over yet?
Punk all the way.

Question 6:Who are your favorite bands? (Just pick the one with the most of your favorite bands in it)
Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Eminem, Dido
None of these!
Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilara
Avril Lavigne (and her band), Good Charlotte, The Clash, Rancid, Blink182

Question 7:What does your hair look like?
Curled, Ironed, and brushed.
Whatever I feel like...?
Spiked, died, and gelled

Question 8:What's your favorite sport?
Sports are for stupid jocks

Question 9:Look down at your nails... what do they look like?
Black and chipped
Manicured, with a cute pink nailpolish color.
Chewed on...

Question 10:A cheerleader comes up to you, and starts a conversation... what do you do?
Walk away... she's a cheerleader!
She was my friend already...
As long as she's being nice, I'm fine
That's me!

Question 11:This dude is on the football team. He comes up to you and asks you if he's a punk... what do you say?
"I can't really tell, cause I don't know you... but you might be"
"No way, you're on the football team, dating a cheerleader, and you'll most likely get a scholarship to Stanford... dream on"
"If you really want to?"

Question 12:Where do you shop?
Old Navy
A Thrift store

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