The Punk Test
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The Punk Test

This is to see how much of a Punk you are.

Question 1:Does your mother dress you?
Only when she doesn't like what I wear
Only When I get up late
I don't Have a mom
Never, I buy my own clothes

Question 2:Do you ever say something out of the blue that has nothing to do with the conversation (e.g. I'm Nass)?
Never I stick with the conversation
I wouldn't say that
Yes I also say other stuff.
I'm not included in many conversations (except the ones with me) but when I am I do.

Question 3:Do you listen to punk-ska bands?
Yes all the time
No I hate them
Yes, but I listen to Rock also.
I like all music

Question 4:Are you a Cheerleader?
No I am a Male
No I am a Female
Yes I am A male.
Yes I am a Female
I do it but I still like Punk

Question 5:Do you were Skater Shirts (E.G. Hurley, Independent, Quiksilver)
Yes very often
No, its Abercrombie for me.
As often as I can
No i don't because I think Punks are queers (Why Did i put this answer it is Hellah-Gay)

Question 6:If you could listen to one band/singer on the way from your house to a place far away would it be.....
Blink 182
New Found Glory
Linkin' Park

Question 7:Do you skate or do B-M-X style Bike Riding?
Yes and I am good at it.
Yes but I look like a Jack Ass when I do.
No because I suck
Yes but only BMX
Yes but only Boarding

Question 8:How Do you do your hair?
Spiked up with tiny Spikes
Spiked up with Big spike in fewer numbers
Down with 3 to 4 spikes.
Down with tiny spikes
Just don't comb it

Question 9:Do you think you are a Punk?
I'm not so sure
Oh yes I am
Who gave Me the Link to this Stupid Test?

Question 10:Do you have a non Carrying attitude about what people think about you?
Maybe So

This Quiz has been designed by Robert Dixon.