Are you a Real Rocker?
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Are you a Real Rocker?

Recently, everyone is pretending to be a rocker, because that's the 'in' thing.

Question 1:What kind of people do you hang out with?
Whoever I want to hang out with; I don't label, man.
Everyone! I'm excepted in everyone's group!
Only the skaters and rockers, the preps are strange!
Everyone except the Preps because they're all mean.

Question 2:What would most likely be in your cd player?
Something with a catchy tune, like Sugarcult.
Some band that plays good guitar, like the Donnas.
Something that sounds violent, like Metallica.
Some punk band like Good Charlotte!

Question 3:Is Good Charlotte really punk?
No, true punk has views about the government in it.
No, they're alternative!
I don't know, who cares if they are or not!
Duh, yeah!

Question 4:Where would you most likely get your clothes?
Some cool punky place like Hot Topic or Pacific Sunwear.
I don't know much about fashion, so wherever I see cool clothes.

Question 5:Do you watch TRL?
Sometimes, their music is ok.
Their music sucks, man.
Yeah, they play the best music!
Only when nothing better on, their music just isn't very good.

Question 6:Can you skateboard?
No, not really, it takes too much energy.
No, that's for posers.
Totally! Only those losers can't!
Yeah, but all those people are taking over the skatepark, man!

Question 7:How often do you say the word 'totally'?
All the time!
Quite often, but not so much that you notice it.
Never, it sounds too perky
Once in a while

Question 8:How often do you say the word 'Dude'?
Never, it sounds too perky.
Well, everyone says I say it too much, but they're wrong, man.
Never, but maybe I should start......

Question 9:What is your favorite color?
Pink, I mean black.
Black, but now everyone else likes black, so.....
Uh, gray.

Question 10:What do your nails look like?
They're fake, and painted black!
Black, but it's chipping.
None/different color

Question 11:What does your hair look like?
Tipped blue
Black, with red streaks
Dyed blonde, with some green dyed into it.
Natural, it's just hair, man.

Question 12:What part in a band would you most like to be?

Question 13:Who is Pink Floyd?
That stupid old band that all the losers talk about!
That rockin' band! The lunatic is on the grass, man!
I don't know.
That one band, they were kinda cool.

Question 14:How much make-up do you wear?
Quite a lot, the black lipstick, black nail paint, black eye-shadow.........
A normal amount.
None, I'll keep it natural, thanks.
Tons! Eyeliner, lipgloss, cover-up, eye-shadow........

Question 15:Do you think you're a rocker?
Uh, yeah!
I know I am.
I don't know!
I don't care if I'm not, I still like rock!

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