Tomboy Test

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Do you think you are down-right tomboy? Or are you the cheerleading girly-girl prom queen? Take this test to find out!

  • 1
    Your friends want you to go to the mall with them. What do you say?
  • 2
    What is your favorite outfit?
  • 3
    What does your locker (or closet if you don't have a locker)look like?

  • 4
    Would you ever do sports?
  • 5
    Who are your friends?
  • 6
    Do you have a purse? If so what do you keep in it?

  • 7
    When I say the word guys, what do you think of?
  • 8
    What pet do you have or want?
  • 9
    Where do you spend most of your time at?
  • 10
    It's Christmas! What do you ask for?

Comments (48)


865 days ago
Lol it said i'm a boy inside of a girls body
907 days ago
Im COMIN!!! For what? Idk im weird. Y'all have fun!!! xb
910 days ago
Suprisingly acurate! The result i got is very close to what my friends say and they know me inside out! Well done!
914 days ago
i never really thought i was a tomboy or a girly girl but it good to know what a website has to say!
my result: You are mostly tomboy! That pretty cool. You might have some girl inside of you, but mainly you're a tomboy.
923 days ago
Im mostly tomboy a little girl inside the answer was perfect!
944 days ago
I says You are mostly tomboy! That pretty cool. You might have some girl inside of you, but mainly you're a tomboy. Out off all the test I took this is probably the most incorrect (or maybe I don’t notice it🤔😒)
But I am really shy and never will go up to a boy!I don’t believe it 😕😅🤨
944 days ago
I don’t think I am a girly girl or tomboy 😑😐 I am not closer to any one
964 days ago
You are mostly tomboy! That pretty cool. You might have some girl inside of you, but mainly you're a tomboy. cool!
978 days ago
I am mostly tomboy. I love sports and gaming. This could be bc I grew up with two older brothers. But there's also some girly-ness to me lmao. I will wear makeup. Only if I HAVE to tho. Same with dresses. Most of my friends are guys, a few girls too. I'm bi, maybe that's got sum to do with it? Idk. I wear a lot of hoodies, and jeans. Lots of crop tops with denim. And I NEVER leave the house without some type of hat on or sum. I guess I'm pretty lit 😎
993 days ago
Thing is I’m a tomboy but I don’t wear all the boyish clothes like hoodies and baggy pants I just wear leggings and t shirts. My sport I don’t get dirty looks just swim. The only thing that it is tomboy about me is that I play video games and don’t like make up. So I wouldn’t say this test is accurate
994 days ago
You are a boy inside of a girl's body. You have only a tiny bit of girl in you. Don't worry, you'll change in the future. For now, Just have fun!

Why does it say, "don't worry, you'll change in the future" as if bein tomboy is a bad thing?
1025 days ago
Pretty accurate. I have to write this extra
1078 days ago
It said I was a tomboy I mean I definitely am in some ways but I'm more in the middle also GET RID OF THE ADVERTISEMENTS PLZ THEY ARE BLOCKING ME VEIW thank you
1092 days ago
well i hate girly girls but if my friend is a girly girl i don't hate her
1095 days ago
I wear a black hoodie, with my favorite band on it, and either sweatpants or jeans. I am a total tomboy! 🌈🌈🌈
1099 days ago
1106 days ago
i will never become more girly. I'm a total tomboy.
1182 days ago
girly girl yasssssssssssssss
1361 days ago
Just because I love sports, have friends that are guys, and don't like makeup doesn't mean I'm a boy inside of a girl's body, I am proud to be a girl that knows how to stand up to people, and isn't worried about their nails breaking. Also, why would I be worried? And why should I want to change when I'm older? What's wrong with me now? Sorry I don't fit your definition of what a girl should be.
1383 days ago
Wow I am a guy inside of a girls body yup pretty much sums me up.