Am I a tomboy quiz? (girls only)

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Find out if you are a girly girl, or a tomboy.

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    What is your favorite colour?

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47 days ago
Tbh I am half tomboy half girly my style depend on my mood
67 days ago
I got 65-90% , and I expected that.
70 days ago
I am almost full tomboy, yet I got 55-65% on it, this is 🍦
89 days ago
i got TOMBOYYYYY!! honestly i get mistaken alot as a guy and what adds up to it is that im really hairy and i got a flat chest lmao but honestly i really like that lolundefined
91 days ago
YES!!!!!!!!I GOT A ******* TOMBOY!!!!!!WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! we see one time i was with my friends and the new girl said to me"umm....excuse me sir? where is history class?"she said in like a 🐬y tone and she was looking like a clown in that make-up and i was like....GROSS!!!! i said "first of all i am a girl and second of all...I DONT' TALK TO CLOWNS!"
my friends were like (very good my child)...and after that i got suspended for a week because of that ***** spill her milk on me and that also that wasn't a mistake and we got in a fight and that's how i got suspended....1. i don't like girly things.
2. i have got no doubt that i am not a tomboy.
3. i hate clowns.
4. i hate ..MAKEUP!!!!
and so on......
106 days ago
I got tomboy (yay)
Said I like jeans tho >:o
109 days ago
hey whatssup, I don't need a test to tell me who I am I know am a tomboy why you ask?

1. I like baggy jeans
2. Don't really fuss about getting something I like
4. Mostly I don't care what I wear but please not a pink dress or just a dress.

And yea, I guess be yourself
124 days ago
Tomboy (85-90% tomboy)
Ooof soo easy
150 days ago
This is what I got

Tomboy (65-90% tomboy)

There is no doubt that you are a tomboy. You do not care about clothes, make-up, and all the rest of that silly girly stuff. You love jeans and you probably don't have the best manners
166 days ago
65-90 I wear shorts and baggy pants, make up can go to hell and I don't give a 🕊 what you think about me, Peace Out.
186 days ago
55-65%.....I wear jeans a lot but shorts mo re .......On a date I would play video games......I hate favorite color is black but I picked blue..... Do one now goodbye QwQ
192 days ago
I am a little tomboyish but your manners are still okay. My appearance and hair is not your favorite. I probably like jeans, but I still wear the occasional dress.
208 days ago
I'm a tomboy i only put on a dress if i am forced like rock and boy music i am full blue i loved pink when i was like 2 now i hate it i am bi but don't date because i like playing sport and video games i am 100% a tomboy i have not good manners and i have a lil bro when he is older i will do boyish stuff with him.
209 days ago
I am 100% tomboy which is correct.I don't like dresses .Pink disgusts me l don't even wear high heels and lm also bi.So all everything is correct
225 days ago
i love this test its cool
248 days ago
I am a strange combination of tomboy meme lover edgy (kind of) and furry
248 days ago
I hate girly stuff but since my sisters are girly that stuff I shoved in my face every day
258 days ago
Persassius Jackson. If you don't know what that is, then READ THE DAM PERCY JACKSON BOOKS! (And yes, I idi 'dam' on purpose. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about will be wheezing)#Percabeth#Frazel#LongLiveNewRome!
258 days ago
Im tomboy-ish. I love black, but that wasn't an answer, sooo...
269 days ago
My favorite color is dark blue I HATE makeup and dresses and I think I'm bisexual and I'm a tomboy😁