Am I a tomboy quiz? (girls only)

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Find out if you are a girly girl, or a tomboy.

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    What is your favorite colour?

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23 days ago
There wasn't enough answers for the questions and I love to fight with my friend and I kicked a boys butt so hah!
42 days ago
hi this quiz didn't help as im a tomboy already but just wanted to make sure lol!
46 days ago
im not a girly girly or a tomboy I just straight up think im just really sl^tty-
56 days ago
I m z real boy (know it is for Girls only, but it's funny) and i have a little bit tomboy
62 days ago
am i not allowed to wear sneakers and am i not allowed to wear jeans 0 times a week? cant have medium hair either and not be super girly apparently (sorry for minor spam, cant edit messages and wanted to add something)
62 days ago
it said that i probably like dresses but i don’t at all :/
121 days ago
Oh yeah!!!!!!!I knew it I am a TOMBOY.100 percent TOMBOY.
146 days ago
Hahaha this quiz gets me
I am 100% tomboy
I'm not surprised but it's good to know yourself
178 days ago
I got: Am I a tomboy quiz? (girls only)
A tiny bit tomboy. (55-65% tomboy)

You are a little tomboyish but your manners are still okay. Your appearance and hair is not your favorite. You probably like jeans, but you still wear the occasional dress.Please comment.

This is so me I shaved most of my hair off occasionally wear dresses but when it comes to romantic holidays like today eh I could go without and I am mostly hating this day cause my boyfriend ps I am bisexual didn't contact me he new that I was semi exited cause he is my first boyfriend anywho I love chill clothes and mainly if I wear makeup I would wear black nail polish and eyeliner nothing more or less
201 days ago
Bagy jeans and Tank top or t shirt or shorts
224 days ago
I wear baggy joggies and a tank top everday ive got a short mullet and i dye my hair alot.
286 days ago
65-90% tomboy ;P I already knew, this was for fun lol
375 days ago
Tbh I am half tomboy half girly my style depend on my mood
395 days ago
I got 65-90% , and I expected that.
417 days ago
i got TOMBOYYYYY!! honestly i get mistaken alot as a guy and what adds up to it is that im really hairy and i got a flat chest lmao but honestly i really like that lol
419 days ago
YES!!!!!!!!I GOT A ******* TOMBOY!!!!!!WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! we see one time i was with my friends and the new girl said to me"umm....excuse me sir? where is history class?"she said in like a 🚔y tone and she was looking like a clown in that make-up and i was like....GROSS!!!! i said "first of all i am a girl and second of all...I DONT' TALK TO CLOWNS!"
my friends were like (very good my child)...and after that i got suspended for a week because of that ***** spill her milk on me and that also that wasn't a mistake and we got in a fight and that's how i got suspended....1. i don't like girly things.
2. i have got no doubt that i am not a tomboy.
3. i hate clowns.
4. i hate ..MAKEUP!!!!
and so on......
434 days ago
I got tomboy (yay)
Said I like jeans tho >:o
436 days ago
hey whatssup, I don't need a test to tell me who I am I know am a tomboy why you ask?

1. I like baggy jeans
2. Don't really fuss about getting something I like
4. Mostly I don't care what I wear but please not a pink dress or just a dress.

And yea, I guess be yourself
452 days ago
Tomboy (85-90% tomboy)
Ooof soo easy
477 days ago
This is what I got

Tomboy (65-90% tomboy)

There is no doubt that you are a tomboy. You do not care about clothes, make-up, and all the rest of that silly girly stuff. You love jeans and you probably don't have the best manners